Celebration of Learning

A Celebration of Learning 

The children in Campbell House have been reflecting on their year of learning and together each class has compiled a ‘Celebration of Learning’ to share with their families. To begin, the children reflected on, and discussed, the many inquiries and experiences they have engaged in this year. They then selected some of these key interests to incorporate in their celebration. Each celebration included a range of singing, movement, dance, drama, artwork, audio, and video connected with the children’s key interests and ideas. 

Over the past few days, the children have excitedly shared their ‘Celebration of Learning’ with their families. We are so proud of the focus and confidence displayed by the children as they shared their work with their families. The joy in the children’s faces and the delight and emotion in family members reminds us of how precious these shared special experiences are for all. 

Ms Sarah Bethune

Head of Early Learning

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