Boarding Reflections from 2021

Boarding Reflections 2021

“I have been privileged to spend the last 13 years supporting and caring for our boarders at Illawarra. Over this time I have observed many benefits to being a boarder at St Catherine’s. Life as a boarder invites girls into a special community – one that is diverse, inclusive, and supportive; one which encourages friendships across Year levels, interest groups and nationalities.

When our borders leave the day school in the afternoon, they come ‘home’ to Illawarra, where they participate in communal living with their fellow students. Boarding teaches independence, resilience, initiative and life skills. It also gives our students close proximity and easy access to the outstanding School facilities.

Our boarders quickly settle into the daily routines of Co-curricular activities, evening supported study periods, communal meals and House activities. Our boarders have a reassuring sense of routine and structure at Illawarra and an extra sense of belonging to the long history of boarding at St Catherine’s.”
Mrs Leah Stamm
Boarding Assistant

“When I think about the values of boarding for students, I think of the connections and relationships that students make with one another, staff (and parents too) to make a home away from home. The Boarding House breeds independent, resilient and conscientious young women and encourages them to flourish.”
Miss Georgia Runting
Boarding Assistant       

“One of the best highlights of being a Boarding Captain was being able to get to know the girls better, as well as developing our leadership skills in an environment that allows us to grow with the guidance of staff. Although many of the events could not occur, it was enjoyable being given the opportunity to plan an event on behalf of the Boarding House.”
Megan Ong 2021
Boarding Captain

“A highlight of my time as a Boarding Captain was being someone that people could go to for help – whether that was homework or a shoulder to cry on or to bounce ideas off. I also enjoyed being involved in all aspects of boarding life and organising things during lockdown such as the Instagram feed each fortnight.”
Gabi Fellows
2021 Boarding Captain

“Our plans for our new roles as Boarding Captains include, being able to implement more activities around the Boarding House for those who stay in. We also want to continue to create more positive relationships and inclusiveness around the House and to support a sense of comfort where everyone can be themselves. We also want to build on relationships between different Year levels and as we move out of COVID restrictions organise exciting activities outside School.”
Jasmine Glass and Annabelle Green
2022 Boarding Captains

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