A Celebration of Growth and Learning

As the term comes to a close, we reflect on the wonderful growth, learning, and discovery that has occurred in Campbell House. Through their daily experiences and interactions in the ELC, our children are gaining independence, confidence, and resilience. 

The children have been immersed in a range of interesting and thought-provoking inquiries which have provided opportunities to develop their thinking, problem solving and research skills.  

They have been active and eager participants in their learning, which has meant that they have gained new understandings and skills. The children have engaged in learning in relation to: 

  • themselves and their identity 
  • their families and cultural backgrounds 
  • the world of mini beasts 
  • gardening and sustainability 
  • STEM experiences 
  • Indigenous culture and history 
  • community and the world around us. 

Being a member of a community requires young children to listen, think, negotiate, problem solve, share, and help others. This is an ongoing area of learning for the children as they navigate the social context of their classroom communities daily. These skills are not only necessary for successful functioning in an educational context but also essential skills for life. It is wonderful to see these skills developing in the children. 

Values such as kindness and respect are also promoted with the children. They have been learning about the concept of kindness, how to show kindness to others and what it means to be a kind friend. Respect is also instilled in the children. Respect for themselves, respect for others and respect for the learning environment and materials. It has been great to observe the children modelling these values in their play and interactions. 

We have an exciting term of learning planned for Term 4 where the children will continue to grow, develop, and consolidate areas of their learning. We wish all our Campbell House families a relaxing and safe holiday break. The children are very excited about their upcoming school holiday adventures and will no doubt have lots to share upon their return to the ELC next term. 


Ms Sarah Bethune

Head of Early Learning

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