1896 School Prospectus
1896 School Prospectus

Excerpt from Of New Women and True Women - St Catherine's Centenary Celebrations 1896 - 1996

St Catherine’s School was founded in 1896 when teacher Miss Jeanie Hood opened a school in Templeton Street, Castlemaine, which she named Castlemaine Ladies’ College.



7 December 1895, Mount Alexander Mail

The more general expectations of Miss Hood’s school were first set in train by a brief news item in the Mount Alexander Mail in December 1895. The first School prospectus hinted at the educational framework of a sound, theoretical basis of traditional subjects – expanded to embrace the best that the new colony has to offer; firm consistent discipline; recognition of and reward for sustained effort and excellence.

“The School course extends from kindergarten to post matriculation and includes, English in all its branches, French, Latin or German, Arithmetic, Algebra, Euclid, Geography, History, Physiology and Sewing.  Calisthenics and drill exercises are given daily.

The Principal aims at thoroughness in all School work and special attention is given to Reading, Writing and Compositions.

The Home lessons are few and short, but must be thoroughly prepared. Examinations are held monthly and in order to encourage sustained effort and regularity in attendance, a system of daily marks is adopted.

Every care is taken, not only of the intellectual progress of the pupils, but also of their moral and religious training.

1896 School Prospectus

The kindergarten is under the charge of Miss Lil Hood, who is a certified teacher of Froebel’s System.

Boys under ten years of age are received.

The situation of the college is all that can be desired: and the health and comfort of boarders receive special attention from Mrs Hood.”