120 Celebration Calendar of Events

Foundation Day Church Service
St Paul’s Cathedral
Thursday 4 February, 1.30pm

120 Celebration Ball
Saturday 20 February, 7.00pm

Past Captain Reunion Breakfast (SCOGA)
Mary Davis Centre Café
Monday 29 February, 8.30am

Past Parent 120 Celebration Evening (PPFN)
Wednesday 9 March, 6.30pm

Senior Musical – Sweet Charity
Dorothy Pizzey Centre
Thursday 28 April, 7.00pm
Friday 29 April, 7.00pm
Saturday 30 April, 5.00pm

120 Celebration Boarder’s Reunion (SCOGA)
Mary Davis Centre Café
Saturday 21 May, 2.30pm

120 Celebration Art Exhibition Opening (ELC to Year 12)
Dorothy Pizzey Centre
Friday 9 September, 6.00pm

Past Staff Lunch
Mary Davis Centre
Saturday 10 September

120 Celebration Gala Concert
Melbourne Recital Centre
Tuesday 13 September, 7.00pm

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