Issue 418 11 June 2021 W8T2

From the Principal

125 Year Anniversary

Early Learning Centre

ELC Update – Learning about sustainability

Early childhood is a wonderful time to involve children in education about sustainability and to begin to develop lifelong practices. It is important that we educate the children to realise the significance of caring and protecting their environment.


Junior School

Towards 2025

Teaching and Learning – A hybrid environment...

The latest lockdown, the onset of some pretty ordinary weather, school is back in Learn@Home mode for all years up to Year 10 and our academic program heads into the busiest time of the year. The St Catherine’s community are just continuing on.


Senior School

School News

St Catherine’s News – Student Engageme...

Teachers at St Catherine’s Junior School, Barbreck aim for girls to see themselves as successful learners. Designing a learning environment that is considered safe and ensures the learning is visible encourages girls to think about their learning.