Undoubtedly, at this time of such uncertainty it is important that we work in partnership, care for one another and ensure kindness remains foremost in our thoughts.

The wellbeing of our students remains our priority and whilst we encourage families to shield their younger children from the images of the daily news, we understand they may be experiencing feelings of worry and uncertainty about what is occurring in the world. Despite our distance, our School remains a united community, a source of support and our teachers remain a familiar voice for our students providing a necessary sense of routine. We feel a strong need to look after our community and support each as best we can.

Becoming a model student in a virtual classroom
  • Set yourself up in a space that is yours – It is important to create a distraction free learning space.
  • Become the best digital classmate – be prepared, be focused, be connected.
  • Stay productive online – ensure you are managing your time effectively by setting daily goals, using your calendar and start each day by blocking out time for important tasks.
  • Using mindfulness to stay calm – take time each day to stop, clear your mind and breathe.
Health Minds and Healthy Bodies
  1. Stay active
    • Our dedicated teachers in the Sports Department have developed online resources in our School Portal for our students
  2. Take 10 to be zen 
    • Our team of wellbeing experts are supporting students with online meditation and mindfulness sessions.
  3. Chat with your mates
    • We are using MS Teams and chatrooms to ensure students and staff stay connected beyond the classroom
  4. Make a homemade meal
    • Our passionate teachers are sharing recipes and cooking guides in Cooking@Home
  5. Take a break from the news and watch or read something uplifting
    • Our students are sharing their book reviews and favourite reads in our Book Club@Home
  6. Make a music playlist 
    • ​​​​​​​Music is to the soul what words are to the mind” – our music department are sharing musical performances and collaborations to nourish the soul
  7. Need some support?
    • Our health and wellbeing team remain online and available to support our teachers, students and parents in our Counsellor’s Corner.
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