Meet our Junior School Captains for 2022, Clara Barry and Holly Farrer.

Get to know our 2022 Junior School Captains, Clara Barry and Holly Farrer

How did you feel when you found out that you had been elected as Co-Captain? 

Clara: I was very pleased and happy for myself. I was delighted to know that I would be representing St Catherine’s junior school, Barbreck.   

Holly: I felt very excited for the year ahead. I also felt very accomplished. 

Why did you choose to nominate for the position of Junior School Co-Captain? 

Clara: I chose to nominate for the position of junior school co-captain because I wanted to have the honour of being one of the role models for the younger children. I enjoy help and supporting my community. 

Holly: I thought it would be better to give it a try and if I missed out be sad, rather than be sad that I didn’t try at all. 

Tell us some of the things you will be doing as Junior School Co-Captain. 

Clara: As junior school co-captain I’d like to organise more fun raising for people who aren’t as lucky as us and put in a new theme for positive thinking, because I think it is a really important skill you should have. 

Holly: I will be running assemblies, giving awards, but most importantly being a good role model.  

What would you like to achieve, in your role as Junior School Co-Captain? 

Clara: I’d like to achieve a sense of confidence in each girl at Barbreck because it is important that you believe you can challenge yourself. 

Holly: I want to do a great job and be relied on to keep high standards during daily activities. I also wish to ensure that every voice is heard. 

What does being a St Catherine’s girl mean to you? 

Clara: Being a St Catherine’s means to me that you are surrounded by kind and loving people who take an interest in your thoughts and actions. 

Holly: Being a St Catherine’s student means you are always respectful of our School and you are always included.