Mr Robert Marshall
Mr Robert Marshall

MACEL, BEd, GDipOutdoorEd, MEd (Lship&Chge)

Mr Robert Marshall’s passion for analysis, strategies and continual improvement ensures the School is at the forefront of pedagogical practice.

Leading St Catherine’s School’s strategy and culture, Mr Robert Marshall’s passion is for our school to be a vibrant and cohesive community which has at its heart, the building and maintenance of strong and healthy relationships.

What are the key responsibilities in your role?

My key responsibilities are to lead the implementation of the Towards 2025 Strategic Plan, with a specific focus on Years 5 to 9. Importantly this role harnesses the theme of a ‘life of purpose’ by integrating an inclusive culture of ‘independence, resilience, boldness and creativity’.

Tell us about your academic and professional background.

I have had nearly 40 years’ experience largely within the independent sector, teaching at schools in Melbourne and Canberra. I have held positions as Head of Boarding, Head of Faculty, Campus Head of a residential campus, as well as Director of Teaching and Learning. In each of these positions, I have had a long term interest in valuing the importance of relationships between students, teachers and parents. Prior to my work at St Catherine’s, I was Senior Project Director of School Improvement at the Australian Council for Educational Research and my Masters of Education Studies in Leadership and Change has allowed me to support our School in the evolving development of a learning culture based on effective teaching supported by research and classroom data.

How do you ensure that St Catherine’s is able to provide an exemplary culture of learning for our students.?

We are renowned for the care and support we provide to staff and students. Part of my role is to ensure we have systems and processes in place which encompass both academic and wellbeing priorities which place relationships and best practices at the heart of all that we do.

What do you like about St Catherine’s School?

St Catherine’s has a unique ‘village’ feel – where every person is valued. There is a fundamental knowledge within St Catherine’s that understands every girl is capable of successful learning. The School’s culture is built upon mutual trust and respect between teachers, students and parents and where intellectual rigour is paramount.

What are your interests outside of School?

I enjoy cycling, walking, climbing and mountaineering, skiing, reading, bushwalking, gardening and travelling: especially to the Himalayas, Asia and the European Alps.  A lifetime highlight was the opportunity to climb the famous and iconic Matterhorn in Switzerland with my two sons a couple of years ago.