As a leading girls’ school in Australia, St Catherine’s is committed to nurturing and empowering independent and globally responsive young women, enabling them to approach all their endeavours with confidence, wisdom and integrity.
– St Catherine’s School Charter


School Motto

Nil magnum nisi bonum – Nothing is great unless it is good.

Our School Values


Empathy – We choose kindness and have the courage to care

Perseverance – We persist with purpose

Integrity – We act responsibly and with good character

Curiosity – We wonder, question and discover

Gratitude – We express appreciation

St Catherine’s Towards 2025

Located in Toorak, Victoria, St Catherine’s School occupies an enviable position as one of the best girls’ schools in Australia. With a proud 125-year history, we are distinguished by our innovative academic program, an exceptional boarding experience, and the richness and depth of extracurricular opportunities.

Our Towards 2025 plan focuses on achieving six strategic Intents:

  1. Academic learning and individual care
  2. Girls’ wellbeing and leadership
  3. Empowering her signature and her voice
  4. Embrace, engage and connect our community
  5. Value and nurture exemplary staff
  6. Sustainably resourcing our future