Remarkable VCE Results!

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The 2013 Year 12 cohort is yet another outstanding year group to finish at St Catherine’s School. The girls showed a committed attitude and approach to their studies and examinations, strong leadership skills, and talent in various areas of the School’s co-curricular programs. Their hard work has culminated in remarkable results in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE):

  • 6.4% of students recorded Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) scores of 99 or higher (placing them in the top 1% of all Victorian students); 
  • 41% achieved scores of 95 and above which places them in the top 5% of the State
  • 61.5% achieved scores of 90 and above which places them in the top 10% of the State
  • Perfect study scores were attained in: Art, Chemistry, English and Literature
  • Study Scores of 45 or above (top 2%) were attained in 14 of the 25 subjects taught at St Catherine’s School: Accounting, Art, Business Management, Chemistry, English, Health and Human Development, History: Revolutions, Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Global Politics, Psychology, Studio Art and Visual Communication Design.

Acknowledging our 2013 Dux

Congratulations to our 2013 Dux Saskia Holloway, who achieved a perfect ATAR of 99.95. Saskia gained a perfect score of 50 in Literature and History: Revolutions (2012) and scores of 47 in English and French, 43 in Art and 38 in Latin.

Continuing a fine academic tradition

The results of our 2013 School Leavers are a true reflection of their capabilities and application to their studies, as well as a tribute to the educational environment and quality of teaching provided at St Catherine’s School.

This year’s VCE results continue a proud history of consistent high achievement at VCE level at St Catherine’s School. Over the past five years, on average 5.5% of our Year 12 students achieved an ATAR of 99 and above, 33% have achieved an ATAR of 95 and above and 51% have achieved an ATAR of 90 and above. Compared with a State average of 20%, approximately 75% of our students achieve and ENTER of 80 or higher (average St Catherine’s VCE results 2009–2013).