Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing weThrive

A Whole School Approach

St Catherine’s School provides an enriching and vibrant wellbeing program that proactively addresses the personal, social and emotional needs of the students. Drawing on a range of evidence based research and practice, including the Positive Education philosophies, staff have tailored a dynamic program to specifically meet the needs of our students.

The weThrive: Wellbeing @ St Catherine’s program develops emotional intelligence, personal resilience, active leadership, social responsibility and a commitment to life-long learning. The sequential, thematic program equips students with age-appropriate strategies to manage challenges and enable academic buoyancy.

Caring and professional teaching staff, an inclusive House system, a comprehensive Outdoor Education Program and a supportive Boarding House environment, ensure an integrated approach to student wellbeing within the St Catherine’s community.

weThrive: Wellbeing @ St Catherine’s

stc_pastoral_weexplore         ELC-Year  2      

stc_pastoral_wegrow        Years 3 & 4
stc_pastoral_wereach            Years 5 & 6

stc_pastoral_yr7       Year 7    
stc_pastoral_yr8       Year 8    
stc_pastoral_yr9_2      Year 9    
stc_pastoral_yr10_2       Year 10
stc_pastoral_yr11    Year 11

stc_pastoral_yr12     Year 12

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