Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

A Whole School Approach

At St Catherine's, an extensive Wellbeing program is in place across the School, which aims to foster principled, well balanced, grounded, compassionate and strong girls, through the provision of:

  • Curricular programs eg drug education, sex education, bullying, values education
  • Parent education evenings and courses
  • Parent and teacher meetings (Educational Support Groups) which ensure consistent and close communication  and feedback to parents on student progress and wellbeing
  • A range of support and extension learning activities for students (with regular evaluation) on essential skills eg language, literacy, numeracy, research, planning
  • Independent Learning Classes where students work on individually-designed curricular programs suited to their particular needs
  • Working with students on homework tasks and effective work and study skills
  • Close communication between Wellbeing staff and class teachers, and parents.

A Contemporary Focus on Health and Personal Development

Whether it be study skills, safe driving, healthy food and habits, alcohol and drug awareness, body image, cyber issues, careers or relationships, our Health and Personal Development Curriculum ensures our students are equipped and educated in some of the most essential areas of life. Under the leadership of Ms Debbie Thompson, Head of Faculty - Health and Physical Education, our Curriculum ensures students (and in particular those in Years 7-10 ) will benefit from a contemporary emphasis on physical, social and mental wellbeing.