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Beyond Boundaries

“A journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath one’s own feet” (Lao Tzu)

Outdoor Education at St Catherine's School encourages students to understand their identity, their community and their relationship with the natural world. Through a process of guided discovery students have opportunities to help confirm and shape their values by undertaking appropriate social, emotional and physical challenges.

With this in mind, all students from Year 1 through to Year 10 participate in the Beyond Boundaries program. Beyond Boundaries is a sequential outdoor experience, each program actively building upon the next. The program aims to develop the girls skills and knowledge over the period (Junior and Senior School), culminating in a final expedition in Year 10. At this point students are offered a choice of four expeditions ranging from six to nine days, for which most of the organisation and execution is undertaken by the girls themselves.

Beyond Boundaries extends and challenges every student, whilst helping to promote leadership, integrity, curiosity, perseverance and empathy. In the Senior School, the program has strong links with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and is additionally an integral component in the Leadership Diploma. St Catherine's School views the Beyond Boundaries program as an essential element of holistic education which prepares young women for their role in the global community. Whether here in Melbourne, or elsewhere in the world, students will be able to draw on their outdoor education experiences to assist them in dealing with the challenges of everyday life.

At St Catherine's School we believe that the Beyond Boundaries program provides all students with the opportunity to push their own personal boundaries in a supportive and nurturing environment, whether guiding a raft, hiking through the Alpine National Park or simply spending the night away from home. Learning through participation, along with the opportunity to process the learning experiences both at School and home in familiar surrounds, creates a powerful learning experience.

We are confident that the Beyond Boundaries program will continue to extend students in ways that cannot be duplicated in the classroom, leaving girls with a strong sense of achievement and empowerment to strive for the best in all that they pursue. 

Beyond Boundaries, the Outdoor Education program at St Catherine's School is run in conjunction with The Outdoor Education Group (OEG), a not-for-profit organisation that invests all available funds into providing a unique, secure and educationally rich outdoor experience for Australian school students. OEG delivers quality outdoor education programs which prepare young people for the personal, social and environmental challenges in their lives.

For more information on the Beyond Boundaries program contact: 
Ms Casie Chalman (Director of Outdoor Education) 
(03) 9828 3057 
Email: cchalman@stcatherines.net.au