Our Campaign Patron, Anne Smith  

Back in March we thrilled to announce the appointment of Anne Smith as Campaign Patron.

Anne Smith is as close as you can get to being an icon of St Catherine’s, having served as Head of the Junior School for twenty years from 1980 -2000, a well-deserved record as the longest term in our history. Generations of St Catherine’s families know Anne for her steadfast commitment to their daughter’s education and to the School which she helped lead.



In accepting her new position, Anne commented that was an honour to be invited to be Patron of this important campaign.

“St Catherine’s has always been forward looking and now is the right time historically and educationally to make this important decision and move,” she said.

“Barbreck has always been an integral part of the total School – it is a caring and sensitive environment where the hallmarks of many St Catherine’s girls are moulded.

“I loved my time at Barbreck, being part of a real community, with everyone interacting, supporting and encouraging each other – it was an experience I unlike any other at work.

“A good primary education provides the basics for life and no School would ever get good VCE results without a strong foundation in the early years.

“We had many happy times and pulled together when times were tough. I remember being dressed as the Queen Mom at a celebration for Prince Charles’ wedding dressed in a ballgown and imaginary jewels. I also remember falling of the stage at an assembly in a spectacular fashion, laughing hysterically and the girls looking on with concern – that is, until they knew I was okay.”

As our campaign continues we look forward to introducing Anne to new parents and campaign supporters, as well as reuniting her with the many alumni and families who know her so well.