Mrs Alana Moor provides us with key insights about the new Barbreck, her motivations and for some reflections on her time at St Catherine’s.

Q1: What motivates you as an educator?

“I believe in the power of family and School working together in harmony to bring out the best in schoolwork, values, manners, attitude and work ethic – enabling each child to see learning as an exciting opportunity to work hard to get the best results. There is nothing like the moment a child says ‘now I’ve got it and can do it.‘”

Q2: Why are we building a new Junior School?

“Whilst Barbreck has been a happy and engaging place of learning, the demands of a new generation of contemporary learning will require something quite different. We require a place where classrooms can function collaboratively or independently as well as specialised learning spaces such as our new STEM and Language Lab, to develop the skills and knowledge for our increasingly open world.

“A good school has no time to waste – the more efficient design will ensure maximum use of opportunities for students to work, discover and expand their capacity to learn.”

Q3: What are you most looking forward to in the new Junior School?

“Outside, it would be the location and capacity to view the playground: we can learn a great deal watching children interact and engage and it is a good place to help them build their social skills.

“Inside, our new Library and Resource Centre will be a place where students will want to come, reflect and engage with so much to learn and enjoy. Our new reception and office area will encourage confidential and personal conversations and privacy for meetings with parents and children.”

Q4: Why are you personally donating to the Junior School campaign?

“I absolutely trust in the School values of empathy, persistence, integrity and curiosity. The values anchor everything we do from the ELC through to Year 12. They are not simply words, but rather, our values are embedded in everything we do and that vision is what children need.”

Q5: What is it that parents may not know about you?

“I wanted to teach since I was four years old when I announced it to my aunties, and I have not deviated ever from this conviction. I remember reprimanding my brother mercilessly for not sitting in my pretend schoolroom and he was just two and a half years old. I also have a passion for my aviary with 15 canaries. I started from one and felt it was lonely so I kept adding new ones, along with the help of quite a few babies!”