Studying Abroad

Four of St Catherine’s 2016 graduates are undertaking their tertiary study aboard. The St Catherine’s opportunities and strong educational foundations have empowered these girls to be independent and globally responsive young women.

Annie Anezakis (’16) 

Princeton University, USA

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt from my time at St Catherine’s is to remain open-minded and be willing to try new things. At St Catherine’s, I was able to push myself beyond my comfort zone, especially in the classroom, sporting arena and on Beyond Boundaries camps. I now feel equipped to tackle anything that is thrown at me and make the most of every opportunity I am offered.

It was this open-minded attitude that has given me the confidence to accept the Bachelor of Liberal Arts at Princeton University in America over over my university offer in Melbourne. The opportunity to major in molecular biology with a certificate in French, whilst also competing on the women’s lightweight rowing team is about as far from my comfort zone as I can be.

As part of the liberal education system, I will have extraordinary opportunities to not only study what I am passionate about, but to also discover new areas of interest. It was only when I visited Princeton on an official visit last September, I fell in love with University and all it had to offer for both my academics and rowing. The campus is incredibly beautiful (the boathouse in particular!) and there is an amazing sense of community – it just felt right.

Throughout all of my time at St Catherine’s, the support from all of my teachers was unparalleled. I was constantly encouraged to strive to reach my highest potential academically and to push my boundaries. When discussing pathways after School, I had enormous trust in my teachers who guided me to make a decision that was right for me and I am now incredibly confident that I am making a huge step in the right direction!

Elizabeth Bolt (’16)

St Andrews, Scotland

I could not have asked for better teachers than those I was fortunate to have had at St Catherine’s. The opportunities at St Catherine’s to live in England and Japan on exchange, as well as travel to America for the Global Young Leaders Conference have not only prepared me academically, but has instilled a work ethic and a love of learning that I believe (I hope) will get me across the line at St Andrews.

There is really no better time to be studying International Relations and with a front-row seat to Brexit, the effects of the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the rising popularity of far-left and far-right parties in Europe studying a Master of Arts (Honours) in International Relations at the University of St Andrews, in Scotland really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

My four year degree at St Andrews will include both an undergraduate and masters degree exclusively focused on International Relations giving me two qualifications at the end of the degree, instead of one, something that was not quite possible to do with the more general BA degree in Australia.

While I am trying not to plan too far into the future and keep my options open, my goal is to pursue a career in politics.

Kitty Hong (’16)

Imperial College London

Reflecting on my time at St Catherine’s school, I have to say it will remain my lifelong treasure. This warm and supportive environment has influenced me to always be curious of the unknown knowledge, persevere when encountering difficulties, and be empathetic at all times.

Preparing application materials early, setting a clear plan and regular meetings with Mrs van der Poel helped me smoothly progress through my university applications. I think “start early”, and “progress daily” are the key points to manage the process of application and the work involved.

I received offers to study MSci Mathematics at Imperial College London, MEng Biochemical Engineering at University College London, BS in Pre-dental Program with Biochemistry Major at New York University, and Bachelor of Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne through VTAC.

Possibly the hardest period of time for me to make the decision for my future life. I finally chose to accept the offer at Imperial College London to study mathematics at a higher level. The sense of gratification when solving maths problems is tremendous, and by focusing on what I love I have greater confidence for my future.

I appreciate the environment St Catherine’s provided me, with equal emphasis on both science and arts subjects. In this way, every girl could feel she is valued, by pursuing the subjects she loves and good at. That is the best thing about St Catherine’s.

Millie Baker (’16) 

Boston University, USA

An invitation to study at Boston University, USA to complete the pre-medicine program, Human Physiology in a Bachelor of Science degree was too good to refuse.  The wide range of subjects and opportunities to undergo internships in hospitals and clinical settings was what appealed me. Initially I was drawn to the professionalism of the US college sport culture, however I was equally eager to experience something new beyond Melbourne. Boston University seemed a perfect fit for me.

The application process was quite overwhelming and enduring including constant assessment of school grades and reports from Year 9, a video analysis of me playing hockey, a high SAT exam score, many entrance essays and personal references. I was still completing application forms three weeks before I left. The support from the careers faculty in my application process by writing references and sending documents to the University was incredibly valuable.

St Catherine’s and the Senior School staff provided an engaging and strong academic setting which helped me develop a disciplined work ethic and achieve the VCE result I needed. The support I received through the application process and through my VCE studies has left me feeling well prepared for the future.

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