St Catherine’s Students Raise $3,500 for Motor Neurone Disease

Two St Catherine’s students have raised over $3,500.00 to help fight Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Year 12 students Nikita Taylor and Celia Cody are passionate Collingwood supporters who say they have been fortunate to annually attend the Big Freeze matches between the Melbourne and Collingwood football clubs.

“Therefore, we have been lucky enough to witness the impact that Neale Daniher has had in raising awareness for this incapacitating and fatal disease. He has been able to use his platform in the football community to raise awareness and funds for such a serious disease whilst simultaneously suffering from the debilitating disease himself.

Unfortunately, MND currently has no cure thus, we wanted to use the generosity of the St Catherine’s community to raise as much funds as possible to assist Neale in his fight as well as the thousands of others that are currently fighting the disease referred to as ‘the beast’,” explained Nikita and Celia.

Nikita and Celia sold FightMND beanies and hosted their own ‘Big Freeze’ event on Friday 7 July where 12 St Catherine’s staff and the two School captains were ‘dunked’ in a tank of freezing cold water.

“We believe this initiative was powerful in raising awareness for this debilitating disease as the cold water acts to replicate MND’s ability to weaken the muscles and mirrors the ‘freezing of neurons’ within an individual,” said Nikita and Celia.

“We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who purchased a beanie. Additionally, we want to say a massive thank you to the St Catherine’s staff and School captains who all personified bravery by taking the plunge.

We cannot wait to see this event grow in the following years as we must continue to work together to ‘fight the beast’.”

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