The Road Less Travelled

elysee-duboisMember of the 2016 Student Executive and Langley Templeton House Captain Elysée Dubois knows that the endless support provided by teachers at St Catherine’s has been an integral part of the success of every VCE student this year.

“The ability to see teachers for any kind of help or assistance whenever needed, at any time of the day, without a doubt contributed to reaching my goals,” said Elysée.

Having achieved the VCE result she was aiming for, Elysée is now hoping to study Commerce, but not before taking a well-earned Gap Year in 2017 to work in Paris.

“I’m hoping to study Commerce, as business has always been something I’m interested in. I love the idea of working in a people-orientated environment, and I think that a broad degree such as Commerce opens up so many different career paths and opportunities. It is a wonderful feeling to know that all my hard work this year was worth it and I can now spend next year knowing I will have unlimited university options when I return from traveling,” explains Elysée.

Her advice for those embarking on Year 12 in 2017 “Definitely stay organised! As long as you stay on top of everything, it is easy to keep your stress levels low – which is going to help you perform better overall. Do not leave things until the last minute and always seek clarification from teachers. Above all, stay focused throughout the year and maintain a good balance between school work and other activities.”

As Elysée begins packing her bags for her year ahead in France, she reflects on her time at St Catherine’s “St Catherine’s has taught me how important it is to make the most of opportunities and the support networks you have available. This is something I will keep in mind throughout many parts of life, including my time in France next year!”

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