Going Beyond – Eliane Sadler

With a passion for Mathematics and Science, Year 12 student Eliane Sadler plans to study Engineering/Science degrees at Monash University.

2017 Year 12 graduate Eliane Sadler

“I have always loved Mathematics, Science and problem solving and the course structure at Monash allows me to take a more directed approach to my studies, which is what I am looking for,” Eliane explains.

Discussing the importance of more girls opting to undertake Science and Engineering degrees Eliane says, “although Science and Engineering may be more traditionally known as male dominated degrees, I have never once let this preconception hold me back. I enjoy Mathematics and Science and I have found a degree that suits my interests. I am determined to pursue this career even if in the future I may be the only woman in certain circumstances. It is important for women to study what we find pleasure in and never let any statistics hold us back.

“I think that the opportunities are endless for women in the Science and Engineering sector. Science and Engineering have such great importance in today’s world as we continue to advance and grow, therefore the career options from these degrees are endless.”

Contemplating her plans for the future Eliane hopes to complete her degree and find engineering work that complements her interests and skills. Eliane is also considering further degrees after her undergraduate degree.

Commencing at St Catherine’s as a three-year-old in our Early Learning Centre, Eliane has enjoyed the life long friendships she has made at St Catherine’s, “some of us have been together since we were three. It has been amazing to see how we have all flourished and grown up,” Eliane says.

Offering advice to future Year 12 students, Eliane believes the girls should go into the year with confidence, “Year 12 can be built up to seem so daunting, but attending such an excellent School, you are more ready than you think.”

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