Going Beyond – Chloe Thompson

Elected St Catherine’s 2017 Debating and Public Speaking Captain, Chloe Thompson is a talented musician and valued member in GSV Sports, who approaches all of her endeavors with a calm sense of confidence.

Chloe Thompson, Debating Captain and Year 12 Graduate

Now, after 13 years at St Catherine’s and the anxious wait for results over, her sage advice to those heading into Year 12, “you are greater, bigger and better than a couple of digits. Although often difficult to see in the haze and hype of Year 12, the number isn’t the destination, it’s the byproduct, so give it your all, but bask in the fleeting glory of your last year spent with incredible teachers and friends, because all that other jazz won’t sound very loudly in the grand scheme of things.”

Reflecting on her life at St Catherine’s, Chloe could not overlook the positive relationships she developed with her teachers and the important, positive and long-lasting influence they have had on her, “My teachers are everything – I am in infinite debt to them not just for their academic aid, but for the care and confidence they gave me to truly try. To them, we are not simply pupils, but people and the teachers at St Catherine’s have a rare ability to recognise every one of their students as an individual with different learning styles, different challenges and different dreams.”

For Chloe, planning now turns to thoughts of University where she is hoping to study Arts, focusing primarily on English Literature and Writing and whether it is here or studying overseas, she will forever be grateful for her time at St Catherine’s, “my friends, my teachers, developing and discovering what I love. I’ve spent afternoons in classes I did not want to leave and lunchtimes with people I will so terribly miss.”

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