Fearless – Isabelle Gough

With a desire to work for one of the ‘big four’ accounting firms, Year 12 graduate Isabelle Gough plans to study Commerce at the University of Melbourne.

The 2018 Holmes Kilbride Captain and Swimming Captain commenced at St Catherine’s 15 years ago in the School’s kindergarten program. Isabelle was the recipient of the Caltex Best All-Rounder Award, which is presented to a Year 12 student who has demonstrated leadership qualities and commitment across a range of activities. She also received Light Blue Awards for her achievements in Debating and her contribution to the School’s Drama program.

Isabelle says performing the role of House Captain was a highlight of her time at St Catherine’s, “my co-captain and I were able to foster a new kind of house spirit in Holmes Kilbride and we were able to see the House succeed under our leadership which we had both been in since Prep.”

She also enjoyed participating in the numerous co-curricular programs offered by the School,

“I have been on school trips to NASA and the Northern Territory, as well as being part of the women in technology program at NAB. All of these experiences have helped shape my interest and guided me with an insight into particular fields that I’d like to go into in the future.”

Isabelle is grateful for the immense level of support she received this year from her teachers, “Not only did they mark dozens of practice exams for me, throughout the year they helped guide me through each subject with weekly meetings and supported me with the various challenges of Year 12.”

Isabelle encourages the 2019 Year 12 students to commence their exam preparations early, “I began my exam revision at the end of Term 2, and this was honestly the biggest help when it came to Swot VAC. Instead of frantically trying to learn content, I was able to practise my exam techniques and do multiple trial exams each day.”

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