Fearless – Camilla Broome

With an interest in the field of design, Camilla Broome hopes to pursue a career in architecture or advertising.

The 2018 Co-Captain of Langley Templeton is planning to study a Bachelor of Design at the University of Melbourne or Monash University, specialising in either environmental or communication design.

“After completing Visual Communication 3/4 at St Catherine’s, I found a clear passion for both these fields of design and am hoping to learn more about these practices through the design course,” explains Camilla.

Camilla commenced at St Catherine’s as a Year 4 student. She represented the School in Netball, AFL, Basketball and Athletics and was an inspiring leader in her role as House Captain of Langley Templeton. She learnt several important life lessons during her schooling years, “Going on various camps across the year levels, it has made me aware that I need to pursue through various challenges rather than giving up and neglecting these demands.”

She says the small class sizes at St Catherine’s made it possible for her achieve her goals, “Being such as small school, teachers are able to provide one on one specific advice that has allowed me to become more aware of my own objectives.”

Camilla made strong and enduring friendships with her Year 12 peers and will miss seeing them every day. “A large highlight would definitely be having an amazing cohort to accompany this journey, and building amazing friendships amongst the whole year level, particularly demonstrated through our final year as Year 12s leading the School,” explains Camilla.

When asked what advice she has for Year 12 students in 2019, Camilla says, “Completing work whilst having some breaks can help relieve you of stress, and ensure your mind is fresh to continue the school week.”

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