Dr Edward de Bono visits St Catherine’s

Junior School students had the privilege of meeting founder of lateral thinking, author and world renowned educator Dr Edward de Bono

This week Junior School students had the absolute privilege of meeting with the founder of lateral thinking, author of 85 books (in 46 languages), physician, psychologist, inventor and world renowned educator Dr Edward de Bono.

Dr de Bono spoke with students about the Six Thinking Hats and the benefits of how it explores situations, removes egos from discussions and ultimately savings are made in meeting times. He emphasised the value needed on thinking and encouraged the students to not limit discussions to memory or argument. 

A short question time followed where a number of students asked Dr de Bono a series of questions. Included were such questions as:

– What thinking hat do you use most often? Green
– Difference between teaching children and Noble Prize recipients? No difference
What inspired you to come up with the Six Thinking Hats? Deliberate thinking and the value of having a compass to find directions and the same should apply to thinking
What made you so interested in learning about thinking? In 2,400 years so little has been done on the topic

Thank you to Dr de Bono for taking the time to meet with students and staff.

Mrs Alana Moor
Head of ELC and Junior School

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