Degas Inspires Tiny Dancers

Influential artist, Degas, has inspired our Year 4 students following their recent excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria.

Our Year 4 students were privileged to attend the Degas Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria last week, with the girls learning and better understanding Degas’ artistic journey as well as viewing his numerous artworks.

The highlight of the day was an art activity where the girls were introduced to the artistic techniques Degas used when drawing his famous dancers. Every girl created a dancer of their own, and the cries of joy and amazement that were heard from so many students was absolutely beautiful to see and hear.

Students reflected on this opportunity with the following insights:

“We first learnt how to scrumble, blend and feather. With all of our new ideas we then drew a masterpiece and in the end we framed them. What an amazing day for Year 4!”
Rhea Werner

“We loved the artistic techniques we learnt at the Degas Exhibition. We are so glad we learned so many helpful techniques, such as scrumbling, blending and feathering. We were so inspired by Degas’ techniques that next time we draw or paint, we will be able to draw beautifully thanks to Degas!”
Chelsea Harris and Hannah Wong

Ms Simone Schilte

Year 4 Teacher

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