Class of 2019 – Emily Sutherland

Emily Sutherland has accepted an offer to study a major in Biopsychology while also pursuing her rowing endeavours at the University of California, Los Angeles.

In the future, Emily hopes to combine her passion for Health Science with Psychology, specifically focusing on the relationship between gut health and mental health. “I hope to eventually open my own health practice with multiple domains that help promote mental health through positive lifestyle and a nutritional diet,” explains Emily.

Emily commenced at St Catherine’s in Year 4 and was the 2019 Langley Templeton House Captain and a member of the School Student Executive. She was the recipient of a Gold Award for Service to the School at this year’s Speech Night in recognition of her exceptional contribution to St Catherine’s.

“After having wholeheartedly thrown myself at every opportunity St Catherine’s has offered me throughout my Senior School journey, I have learnt that motivation to reach one’s own goals must be achieved through action, but action is also the fuel for motivation. In other words, the more you invest in something the more you want it and the harder it is to let that aspiration of yours go.”

Emily was an enthusiastic participant of the Sports program throughout her time at St Catherine’s. “The life lessons I have learnt from being a part of multiple sporting teams has made me a more resilient and selfless individual who values teamwork, commitment and diligence.”


Participating in the Heyington to Highlands program in Year 9 also had a significant impact on Emily’s personal development. “Seeing the way the Fijian community were so happy despite having fewer materialistic goods showed me how valuing one’s own community and the unique relationships within is the true essence to ensure happiness.”

Emily says the support she received from her teachers at St Catherine’s helped her to achieve her goals. “My teachers and sports coaches encouraged me to always strive for more and push to reach my potential in every domain of my life. I think this is the best education anyone can receive – the lessons about how to be the best you, and the lessons that empower you to believe in yourself and your abilities.”

Emily has the following advice to offer the Class of 2020: “It is easy to find yourself thinking that Year 12 is hard, however, I think that your perception of the year is so important in making sure that you enjoy yourself. I encourage you to embrace every challenge that comes your way and grapple with it until you win the fight.”

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