Class of 2019 – Clementine Aston

Clementine Aston is planning to study a Bachelor of Science at Monash University and hopes to one day work at a medical research centre.

Clementine joined the St Catherine’s School community in Year 2 and has made a tremendous contribution to the School over the years. Clementine displayed exceptional leadership skills through her positions as Beaulieu Blair House Co-Captain and a member of the Student Executive Council. She was a part of the Netball, Softball, Basketball and Triathlon Teams as well as the Second XIII Rowing Crew that participated in the Rowing Championships.

In Year 12, Clementine completed Units 3 & 4 Accounting, Chemistry, English, Mathematical Methods, Health and Human Development, and Units 3 & 4 Biology in Year 11. Clementine was awarded a Gold Award for outstanding service to the School and also achieved her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Clementine credits the St Catherine’s teachers with helping her to define her future career ambitions. “The teachers, through their kind and cooperative approach, have enabled me to find my passion within life, which in my case is in Science. This in turn allowed me to set goals for my life, for university and my ultimate career. By providing opportunities to gain insights on different careers and information in the Science world, they have helped to path my goals and shape my future.”

One of the greatest life lessons that Clementine has learnt from St Catherine’s is “When working with a group of people, everyone has different strengths and ideas. Ensure you listen to everyone, as well as enable individuals in the group to flourish and hone their skills, and the end result will be spectacular.”

Clementine has this advice to offer future Year 12 St Catherine’s: “Run the race of the year as if it is a marathon. Do not go hard at the start, and do not go hard at the end. You need a consistent jog throughout the whole year. Maintaining this will really help you in exam time, as you have maintained notes throughout the year, and have palm cards already created.”

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