Class of 2019 – Charlotte Zelouf

With a desire to work in the fields of Marketing and design, Charlotte Zelouf is planning to study Business and Design at Monash University.

Commencing at St Catherine’s as a Year 4 student, Charlotte has shown tremendous talent in Visual Design with several of her artworks appearing on billboards and flyers promoting School events.

Most recently, her work has been selected by the Top Designs 2020 competition, to be exhibited at the Melbourne Museum. Charlotte was one of 16 students selected from the state of Victoria and we congratulate her on this success.

“My time at St Catherine’s has helped me realise my interests and areas of strength.

I have learnt that you must make the most of all the experiences the School has to offer as it makes your school experience fun and enjoyable,” explains Charlotte.

“The teachers truly have your best interests at heart, they impart their wisdom on you and encourage you to work to your full potential. The Careers department has opened me up to different avenues and courses, also helping and guiding my choices.”

Charlotte performed in many plays and musicals during her time at St Catherine’s, with her work as Francis Nurse in this year’s Senior School production of The Crucible earning her Half Colours. Charlotte also received her Light Blue Leadership Diploma through her community service efforts with the Salvation Army, where she volunteered in their soup kitchen.

Charlotte’s participation in the United Kingdom Exchange experience was a highlight of her time at St Catherine’s.

“This opportunity has enabled me to form long lasting friendships and connections around the world. Through this I learnt independence and how to be self-reliant.”

Charlotte advises the Class of 2020 to “Do the subjects you actually enjoy because when it comes to exam and SAC prep, you will want to learn and work. I did Psychology and loved it as I found it relevant to life and am fascinated by it, thus I actually was prepared to put in the time and effort.”

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