Bond University Mooting Competition

The advocacy skills of St Catherine’s students were tested as part of the High School Mooting Competition organised by the Faculty of Law at Bond University.

After several weeks of preparation, Eve Alexiadis (Senior Counsel), Sophie Sitch (Junior Counsel) and Georgina McNab (Solicitor) all participated in the Bond University High School Mooting Competition at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The girls were mentored with preparations for the moot, by Old Girl Grëtel Cannon (’12).

A moot is a legal argument conducted by opposing teams before one or more judges with the application of legal rules to fact situations. The competition is decided by assessing the advocacy skills of the participants rather than the merits of the case. [1]

At the moot, St Catherine’s students were required to present their prepared case materials while also thinking on their feet to answer the numerous questions given to them from the judges. These interruptions from the judges were well handled by the girls as they presented a strong case.

At the end of the session the judges commented positively on their ability to cope in this situation. They also felt the students presented with good pace and tone in their voices during argument. They were also impressed with their ability to cope with ongoing questioning, and felt the girls were well researched and prepared, showing very good knowledgeable of the case materials.

Mrs Pauline van der Poel

Careers Practitioner


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