A Pocket full of posies

The beautiful flower installation on our School front lawn, to commemorate St Catherine’s 120th birthday, will conclude at our annual MAD night on Tuesday 8 March

The temporary garden featured 500 ceramic flowers hand made by students from our Early Learning Centre through to our Senior School as well as staff.
Head of Arts, Mrs Brigid Weereratne says “In preparation for St Catherine’s 120th celebrations the school community created over 500 ceramic flowers in Term 4 2015. We drew inspiration from the poppies project in London last year.”
“The project involved firing each flower in the kiln twice, once for bisque and then the final glaze firing, which resulted in the flowers reflecting our School colours and making them very durable for the external installation. All our students and staff enjoyed the opportunity to create individual flowers. The result is a temporary garden of ceramic flowers in the form of 120 on the front lawn of our School grounds. Collaboration was an important aspect of this installation and our Art and Design Captains oversaw the planting out of each of the flowers on the first day of School, drawing together students from all Year levels to ensure the creative completion of this project and to mark the start of this year of celebrations.”
Now at the end of the exhibition all the ceramic flowers will be available for sale with funds raised donated to the St Catherine’s Indigenous Scholarship Program.
Flowers will be on sale from 4.30pm on the front lawn where you can select your own flowers.
Prices are small flowers $5 each or five for $20, all individual flowers will be priced from $10–$20 dollars depending on size.
Art Action and students will be there to assist with the harvesting of these beautiful, unique artworks.
Mrs Brigid Weereratne
Head of Arts

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