Boarding feels ‘like home’

Article published in The Daily Advertiser, Wagga on Saturday 19 November 2016.

AFTER moving more than 300 kilometres to attend St Catherine’s School, year nine student Flynn O’Brien had a thrilling first year.

Flynn moved from Bright in north east Victoria to Toorak in Melbourne to at-tend the school along with her two sisters after recieveing a boarding scholarship. The three sisters board at the St Catherine’s heritage listed Boarding House, Illawarra.

Flynn answered some questions to show what life is like at the school for a new student.

How have you found the transition to life at St Catherine’s?
To begin with I found the transition quite different. Once I figured out all I had to do was ask someone if I was unsure, then it was easier. The transition into the Boarding House was fun and it felt like home after a few days.

What benefits are there in attending St Catherine’s?
There are so many! Coming from a school with just over 10 girls in my year it was nice to meet lots of new people. There is so much to do at St Catherine’s and I have tried to get involved with as much as I can. Being in the city, as opposed to the country, opens up so many new opportunities.

What do you enjoy most about the School?
St Catherine’s is such a positive and supportive environment and everyone encourages you to try your best. I enjoy the people and the opportunities and all the teachers are so eager to help you learn, and go out of their way to assist you. There are so many girls so there is a high chance of meeting people that you have lots of things in common with. The year nine Heyington to Highlands trip to the Fijian Highlands has been a massive highlight of my first year and something that would have never happened in Bright.

Students entering year five to 11 can apply for a general excellence scholarship, year five to nine can apply for a music scholarship and years seven to 11 for a boarding scholarship.

Applications are now open and will close on Wednesday February 8 at 5pm.

Scholarship testing will be held on Saturday 18 February 2017.

For more information contact the school registrar Amanda Bennett on (03) 9828 3917 or go to

The Daily Advertiser, Wagga

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