Meet our 2018 Junior School Captains, Charlotte Upton and Georgia Hennessy.

How were you chosen for your roles?

Charlotte: Firstly, we were required to write a letter to Mrs Moor, explaining why we wanted to be Barbreck Captain and why we thought we would be worthy of the role. Then, all of the Years 5 and 6 students were asked to nominate four girls who they thought would be a great Barbreck Captain. The Barbreck teachers also nominated students for the role. Based on the application letters, and the student and teacher votes, Mrs Moor and Ms Samuel then selected the two Junior Barbreck Captains.

Georgia: Well, to be elected you had to go through a series of different steps, some which you weren’t even aware you were doing. The teachers kept a close eye on who was setting a good example and being responsible as well. Another step in the process of electing a captain was writing to Mrs Moor. Now, normally I am quite confident with writing letters like these, but this time I was completely apprehensive, but excited. This was something I really wanted to do] and I knew had to put my heart and soul into it. Being Captain certainly meant a lot to me and I was determined to work very hard to be chosen.

What was it like to be elected?

Charlotte: On the day we heard who had been elected to the leadership positions, Mrs Moor asked all of the Year 5 students to meet after assembly, on the red steps in the Barbreck Hall. We were all very excited as we knew she was going to tell us who had been selected. When Mrs Moor said I had been selected as one of the Barbreck Captains I was so excited and very surprised. I was really proud of myself and I felt overjoyed with happiness. I was especially excited that I was going to be co-Captain with Georgia as she is amazing and a wonderful friend. I also felt nervous and a little scared about whether I would do a good job.

Georgia: The moment they called my name I was in utter disbelieve! Me?! I was against really qualified girls and they chose me?! While I was still contemplating if there was a malfunction in the voting system everybody was congratulating Charlotte and I.

What do you enjoy most about being a Barbreck Captain?

Charlotte: Speeches during assembly are a great experience and I really enjoy helping people, I have enjoyed answering questions that new girls have had.

Georgia: I love setting a good example and being responsible. I am aware that I am setting an example for the younger students. When I was younger and the Year 6 students talked to me I would look at them in awe. I knew one day I would be just like them, so tall, intelligent and responsible. I still think of those thoughts today, how can I make myself a great leader just like they were.

What are you looking forward to in your roles this year?

Charlotte: I am looking forward to working together with Georgia and all of the other Year 6 students to be role models for the rest of the Barbreck students. I really enjoy helping others so I can’t wait to help anyone who needs it, whether that be new or old students or children coming on a Barbreck tour. It is also really exciting that we will be moving into the new building in the middle of the year. I can’t wait to help the Barbreck students get to know their way around the new building. Also, although I get nervous about public speaking, I am looking forward to having the opportunity to write speeches and share my ideas.

Georgia: Most people say Year 6 is the preeminent year, but being School Captain adds a bit more on to that. Organising fundraisers and speeches for church services is really exciting and I’ve heard, from the past School Captains, that roles like those are really stimulating to be a part of. Personally, my past years of public speaking have not gone as well as I anticipated so my goal this year is to solve that problem and overcome it.

What are some of the qualities that a good leader should have?

Charlotte: A good leader should be a good listener and respect everybody’s ideas. They should make sure everyone has a chance to speak and share their ideas. They should value the opinions of those around them and be respectful of their friends, their teachers and their surroundings. They should also be able to remain calm when they are stressed or frustrated. They also need to work hard at their job, even at times when they don’t feel like it. A good leader should lead by example and be a wonderful role model for the people around them. They should also be able to make fair decisions which may sometimes be tough and they need to be honest at all times.

Georgia: The qualities of a good leader mirror our School values. Empathy, Perseverance, Integrity and Curiosity. A leader has to accept that not everyone is perfect and nobody has the same talents. A leader needs to be organised, responsible and compassionate.

What makes St Catherine’s such a great School to attend?

Charlotte: I remember when I started at St Catherine’s, in Year 1, how quickly I made new friends. I think that that is one of the most wonderful things about Barbreck, that students and teachers try really hard to make new students feel welcome. I love the fact that it is a small School so that most of the Barbreck girls know each other and play with girls from other Year groups. I also love the fact that the teachers make learning fun, we work hard but we have fun doing it. If you find something difficult you also never need to feel bad about asking for help. At St Catherine’s we are also given the opportunity to participate in many activities such as Swimming, Athletics, Water Polo, the Barbreck choirs, the Yeasr 5 and 6 Band and Snowsports.

Georgia: St Catherine’s has so much to offer and that’s why I knew this was the School for me. At our School there is something for everyone. If it’s an instrument, sport or a subject it will be here. The facilities are wonderful and the teachers are like friends; kind, intelligent, attentive and humorous. The teachers make your time at St Catherine’s unforgettable. I know my time at St Catherine’s will be cherished for the rest of my life.