The significant leadership and commitment to academic excellence of our Year 12 students has been a proud and uplifting narrative for St Catherine’s School.

Naplan Results

The 2016 NAPLAN once again indicate St Catherine’s well above both the Victorian and the national averages. St Catherine’s very strong results are a reflection of both the quality of teaching and learning opportunities and the diligent work of our staff and students in maintaining a clear school-wide focus on the key learning platforms of literacy and numeracy.


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VCE Results

This year, St Catherine’s celebrates not only our 120th year as a leader in girls’ education but the success of our Year 12 students, who have continued our School’s long tradition of academic success.

Throughout 2016 our Year 12 cohort have demonstrated exceptional leadership across all their endeavours including dedication to their studies, participation in co-curricular programs and contribution to our School and community through their involvement in service and leadership opportunities.

This commitment has resulted in the following outstanding performances across a wide range of subjects:





These achievements are also testament to the expertise and proficiency of our teaching staff. Thank you to all our VCE teachers who have shown great care and commitment to our VCE students.

We congratulate our 2016 Year 12 students for their exceptional efforts and wish them well in their future endeavours.

Our 2016 Dux



Congratulations to our Dux of 2016, Katherine Yuan, who achieved a near perfect ATAR score of 99.90.

Katherine was placed in the top 8% in the State for Specialist Maths and the top 2% in the State for Chemistry, English and Japanese. Katherine also demonstrated exemplary leadership as Music Captain this year and is hoping to study Engineering at the University of NSW.




We congratulate our 2015 Year 12 students for their exceptional efforts and wish them well in their future endeavours.

Past Dux of School

2015Zhihui (Jennifer) Wang
2014Georgia Sexton
2013Saskia Holloway
2012Isabella McNamara
2011Amelia Hammer
2010Sarah Lang
2009Susannah Guthrie
2008Asha Bonney
2007Becky Wood
Sophie Kearney
2006Iris Lee
Tessa Hawthron
2005Betty Shao
2004Jennifer Qu
2003Natasha Chiam
2002Catherine Lee
2001Lucy Gowdie
2000Sarah Yong
1999Laura Hines (Douglas ’99)
1998Annabel Martin (Ogilvy ’98)
1997Caroline Goulden