The significant leadership and commitment to academic excellence of our Year 12 students has been a proud and uplifting narrative for St Catherine’s School.

This year, the Year 12 cohort have continued our School’s excellent tradition of academic success with outstanding performances across a wide range of subjects. As a School, we are extremely proud of all their achievements.

The confidence, composure and focused approach of our Year 12 students throughout this year was continually reflected in their dedication to all their endeavours. During the year, our students have also committed wholeheartedly to the wide range of opportunities that St Catherine’s provides. These opportunities incorporate an active involvement in community service, a commitment to a range of leadership positions and enjoyment experienced through participation in Sport, Music, Debating and much more.

The Year 12 cohort of 2015 were frequently described as cohesive, creative and enthusiastic. Their outstanding academic results has completed a fulfilling year for the girls. Their willingness to uphold the School Values of Integrity, Curiosity, Perseverance and Empathy has culminated in the following exceptional results:

  • 9.5% achieved ATAR scores of 99 and above which places them in thetop 1% of the State;
  • 28% achieved ATAR scores of 95 and above which places them in the top 5% of the State;
  • 53% achieved ATAR scores of 90 and above which places them in the top 10% of the State;
  • 77% achieved ATAR scores of 80 and above which places them in top20% of the State;
  • Study Scores of 45 or above (top 2% of State) were attained in 60% of the subjects taught at St Catherine’s School: Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Economics, English, English as an Additional Language, History: Revolutions, Literature, Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods (CAS), Media, Physical Education, Global Politics, Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design;
  • Perfect Study Scores of 50 were achieved in 24% of subjects taught at St Catherine’s School: English, History: Revolutions, Specialist Mathematics, Physical Education, Global Politics and Studio Arts.

Our 2015 Dux

Congratulations to our 2015 Dux, Zhihui (Jennifer) Wang, who achieved a perfect ATAR score of 99.95; one of only 35 students in Victoria. Jennifer achieved a perfect study score of 50 in Specialist Mathematics and was placed in the top 2% in the State for Biology, Chemistry and English as an Additional Language. As a Year 11 student in 2014, Jennifer also achieved in the top 2% of the State in Mathematical Methods and Music Performance.

We congratulate our 2015 Year 12 students for their exceptional efforts and wish them well in their future endeavours.