Get to know our 2020 School Captains, Alexandra Shergold and Sophie Boyce.

Alexandra Shergold and Sophie Boyce reveal their thoughts, ideas and their hopes for the coming year in their leadership roles as School Co-Captains.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role as School Co-Captain this year?

Alexandra: I want to build on the harmony and strength of community that St Catherine’s has become so familiar with over the years; to make all the girls feel as if they are an important part of St Catherine’s community, because they are. If I finish this year knowing that I helped celebrate all the different elements each girl brings; helped them feel comfortable enough to be themselves – to have a chat to me and speak up – I would leave with a smile on my face.

Sophie: Like every good leader, I hope I have the ability to influence girls in achieving their best, but also leave a legacy at St Catherine’s. I want to focus on leading from within rather than the front meaning I want to build valuable relationships with girls.

What does the role of School Co-Captain involve?

Alexandra: There are, of course, the roles of School Co-Captain that are a given; such as taking on the role of leadership wherever possible, making sure I give a large part of myself and my time to the role. Yet, there are also the smaller things, the ones that – albeit go unnoticed by most – differentiate between just going through the motions and going above and beyond. Being a friend to the girls, saying hi, supporting them, reminding them they can do it, giving them a smile. Those are the parts that no one truly acknowledges, but allows the girl to define the role, instead of the other way around.

Sophie: The role of School Co-Captain involves being the face of St Catherine’s and promoting the values of our School. It is also being the connector between staff and students and representing the students’ voices in making valuable changes to the School.

Do you have a word that best describes what kind of School Co-Captain you would like to be?

Alexandra: Real. In the interview panel in assembly last year, this was both the first word that came to mind when asked this question, and the word I used. I still stand by that. I want to lead by being no one else but me, to reach out to the girls in an authentic way. So that I can show them that by being themselves is more than enough, and that they should stick to being just that.

Sophie: Approachable – I want the girls to feel comfortable to have a chat with me about anything and everything.

What is the most enjoyable element of being part of St Catherine’s School?

Alexandra: At St Catherine’s, there are always moments that ignite that sense of belonging that the School community never lets slip away. All the enjoyable elements of being a part of this School lead back to such strength of community. Countless times spent with both my year level and others have constituted an unbreakable bond that we will share forever. That continuous connection, those small moments; that is the part that makes being at St Catherine’s so special.

Sophie: The ability to get involved in as many co-curricular activities as you wish. I love being able to meet different girls playing sports through Girls Sports Victoria, participating in the plays, involving myself in music and dominating in debating.

How did you become interested in a student leadership role?

Alexandra: Putting myself up for School Co-Captain was a direct result of how much I admired the ones preceding me; the result of the unfathomable (at least, for me) thought that I could inspire other girls just as they had inspired me. I love to reach out and connect with people, and I have always wanted to have an impact on the School in some form or another. Being in a student leadership role is my way of doing all of that; and then some.

Sophie: I have always found myself in a leadership role throughout my life. When I was appointed Junior School Captain I began to realise my potential and how my desire to create valuable relationships with everyone translates into my leadership perfectly.

What is one quality a good leader needs to have?

Alexandra: Empathy.

Sophie: A good leader must be able to delegate. This is an everyday task that is valuable especially in Year 12 to maintain a healthy balance.

How would you like to be remembered as a student leader of St Catherine’s?

Alexandra: I want to be remembered as the kind one, the one who harmonised the School just that little bit more. I don’t necessarily feel the need to leave a big legacy, just a unique one.

Sophie: I wish to be remembered as someone who was always up for a chat, whether it is in the library about school work or around the fountain about weekend activities. I want to be able to use my role to create those friendships and be approachable.

What is one thing you would like to take with you from the experience of being School Co-Captain?

Alexandra: An understanding of how to be a good leader, and a better version of myself.

Sophie: Hopefully I will be able to take the ability to influence others with me into future life and jobs. Being a School Co-Captain allows Alex and I the opportunity to leave a positive impact on girls which I know we both are so excited to do.