St Catherine’s empowers and nurtures independent and thoughtful young women who are confident of their ability to make a difference in a changing world. They truly are women of the future, ready to embrace all that life offers.

A Vibrant Community of Learners

Our comprehensive Senior School curriculum encourages collaborative and individual learning. Our students are taught to develop negotiation, problem solving, communication, presentation, planning and researching skills, and are encouraged to participate actively and challenge themselves across our extensive co-curricular programs.

From Music to Sport, overseas exchanges and trips, leadership opportunities, community service initiatives and Outdoor Education, St Catherine’s provides every student the opportunity to play a part in their own personal development and future aspirations.

At St Catherine’s, we are committed to ensuring each student is able to enquire deeply, respond positively to challenge and change and is ready to lead. Through the development of these skills, we aim to shape women of the future who add value to their community and chosen field of endeavour.

Meet our Senior School Captains