​Mrs Alana Moor
​Mrs Alana Moor

DipTeach(Prim), CertA, BEd (VC), CertGiftEd MEd (La Trobe), MACE

Alana Moor is the Head of Early Learning Centre and Barbreck, a role which involves communication and planning with staff, constant discussion about students and programs, contact with parents and of course, teaching whenever possible. Alana has a lifelong passion for education and loves the opportunity to watch children learn and grow and to work with their families.

What do you really like about St Catherine’s?

St Catherine’s is a wonderful place of learning and growth for young children. The School Values insist upon a very emphatic drive towards equipping our learners to become informed, discerning and positive, reflective thinkers. Our committed and enthusiastic staff strive to ensure that every individual learner is well catered for. At all times, students are the centre of every discussion and action.

Tell us something of your academic or professional background?

Education has been a lifelong passion for me. Before coming to St Catherine’s in 2007, I spent many years as a classroom teacher, Deputy Head and Head. Throughout my career I have learnt so much about the way children learn. In particular, my career path has led me to a deep appreciation of the different ways in which girls and boys learn. I also have a special interest in gifted learners and I completed my Masters of Education specialising in this area.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I sincerely love my role. It permits me to do all the things that I really enjoy – teach, learn, meet people, encourage the growth of personal excellence, work with families in a happy and committed way to achieve the best for their children, watch children grow, encourage, assist, plan and problem solve. My favourite times would be speaking with children and teaching various classes the subject of Philosophy.

What are your interests outside of School?

My life outside of School sees me thoroughly enjoying time with family and friends. We love doing things together, such as having meals together, laughing and enjoying ourselves!

Passionate followers and members of the AFL, we are often at the games, including some interstate and, recently, New Zealand ones. We also enjoy Theatrical Productions and attend as many musicals and plays as we can. In addition, I am an avid reader and love writing.

Spending time with my two Shelties and attending to my aviary, which holds a number of yellow and orange canaries, keeps me very busy!