Construction on our new Junior School could not have started without the wonderful support of our community, parents, alumni and staff.
The Gobel family, father Chris, mother Katy and daughter Teegan joined our campaign in the early stages of the campaign. Katy shares their story:

1) What is your involvement with the School?

My daughter Teegan is in PrepE class, she started from 4yr old ELC. She just absolutely loves her school, I can definitely see her finishing her school years here. I am the Class Rep for her class and we are also very proud members of the St Catherine’s Foundation.

2) Why did you decide to support the campaign?

I think the title ‘Her Future Begins Here’ said it all, we want to invest in Teegan’s future. We want her to enjoy all the modern facilities and we want her to be really proud to look back one day,  knowing her family played a small part in building this Junior School.

3) What has been your experience of the Junior School – what has Teegan most enjoyed?

I asked Teegan this question this morning and she said she loves her swimming pool the most. For me, I think this whole transitioning into primary school life has been very positive and welcoming. I love all the teachers and parents.

4) What are you and your daughter most looking forward to in the new building?

I am really looking forward to walking through the library to get to her classroom. But Teegan tells me she is looking forward to seeing the ‘piano room’ – I think she means the Auditorium. She also said there will be yellow lifts in the corridor but it is only for the teachers, staff and guests. It is so wonderful to see they are teaching the little one’s rules nice and early.

5) What message would you have for anyone considering a gift?

Do it, it’s so worth it. Invest in your daughter’s future and also be part of the history knowing you have helped to build this amazing Junior School.