Drama Drama Drama

Play your part!

Each year, girls across the School have the opportunity to be in a School production. Barbreck girls can star in the Junior School Musical and Years 7 and 8 girls have the opportunity to participate in their own large cast play, ensuring everyone has a role to play.

In Years 9 to 12 the productions are held in conjunction with St Kevin's College. All rehearsals are after school and on Sundays.

Our not-to-be-missed annual drama event is House Drama, where Beaulieu Blair, Davis, Holmes Kilbride and Langley Templeton, led by their respective House leaders, act, sing and dance to an all-House audience, as they aim to win for their House. This competition also allows students the opportunity to try their hand at make-up for theatre, writing, composing, costumes, lighting, sound mixing and other stage crafts.   

For Drama students keen to gain specialist skills and instruction, private tuition is available in individual and group sessions, which follow the Australian Music Examinations Board's (AMEB) Speech and Drama syllabus.


  • Anything Goes, Senior School Musical with St Kevin's College (2014)
  • The Emerald Crown, Years 5 and 6 Play (2013)
  • The Wind in the Willows, Year 8 Play (2013)
  • The Insect Play, Senior School Play (2013)
  • CATS, Senior School Musical with St Kevin's College (2012)
  • Animal Farm, Senior Play with St Kevin’s College, hosted by St Kevin’s College (2011)
  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, Senior School Play with St Kevin’s College (2011)
  • Ocean Commotion, Junior School Musical (2011)
  • A Fairy Tale Life, Years 7 and 8 Play (2011)
  • Senior Play with St Kevin's College, hosted by St Kevin's (2010)
  • The Boyfriend, with St Kevin's College, hosted by St Catherine's (2010)