Introducing our 2017 Boarding Captain, Jessica Walsh


How did you come to board at St Catherine’s?

I started boarding at St Catherine’s in 2015 when I was in Year 10. We initially considered a few schools but as soon as I visited St Catherine’s the warm welcome I received from both staff and girls and the home like environment immediately convinced me that I wanted to go here.

What aspects of boarding life do you most enjoy?

I love the close knit environment of the St Catherine’s Boarding House where girls from Year 7 through to Year 12 are close friends. Throughout my time at St Catherine’s I have been lucky enough to have friendships with girls from all Year levels and this is not unusual. As a small Boarding House we are provided with the unique opportunity to form these close friendships which means we really feel like a family. Additionally, all the boarding staff at St Catherine’s are lovely and happy to help with anything you need.

What are your duties as Boarding Captain?

As a Boarding Captain I am responsible for organising the ‘Closed Weekend’ at the start of Term 1 which allows all the girls, particularly new students, to get to know each other. I also am a person that all the girls can come and chat with about any issues they may have.

What kind of legacy would you like to leave as Boarding Captain at St Catherine’s?

As Boarding Captain at St Catherine’s I would like to be remembered as being approachable and empathetic so that all the girls feel comfortable to come and chat with me about anything. Additionally, I would like to be proactive in organising boarding activities so that 2017 can be the best year possible in the Boarding House.