Meet our Boarding Captain

2014 Boarding Captain Amy Martin

Introducing our 2014 Boarding Captain, Amy Martin


How did you come to board at St Catherine’s?

I came to board at St Catherine’s in 2011, only one year after my older sister, Jess. Jess had had such a positive and rewarding experience in her first year as a part of the Illawarra community and after seeing the friendships that she formed and the independence she obtained from boarding, I was very eager to join her. Though a little hesitant about leaving behind old friends and family, I was excited to meet new people. Having been born and raised in my home town of Mansfield, I wanted to experience city life.

What aspects of boarding life do you most enjoy?

The thing I love most about boarding is the close relationships that are formed. You learn to be tolerant of others and you see people at their best and their worst, thus eventually treating each other like you would family. Boarding gives you the opportunity to get to know people you may not otherwise have had the chance to meet, whether that is people from different year levels or people from different countries and cultures. You definitely broaden your range of friendships. It also gives you a huge amount of independence and allows you to focus on your studies all the while surrounded by friends if you feel the need to procrastinate.

What are your duties as Boarding Captain?  

As Boarding Captain I organise the Closed Weekend, which occurs during the first weekend back in the Boarding House, to allow the boarders to get to know each other. I also organise various events throughout the year such as movie nights and Christmas in July, and I assist in helping new girls to settle in. Having experienced the daunting nature of starting at a new school, I am able to relate to the girls and my door is always open for boarders who feel like they need to talk, whether about homesickness or even just about their day at School.

What kind of legacy would you like to leave as Boarding Captain at St Catherine’s?

I would like to continue to build on the legacy of last year’s Boarding Captains by maintaining the close relationships throughout Illawarra that make us like a family. This culture of Illawarra being a home to all the girls that live here is one that makes our Boarding House so special. Without this close knit community, my boarding experience would never have been so rewarding and I wish to see the younger year levels also experience this same sense of ‘family’.