Meet our Boarding Captains

2015 Boarding Captain Emily Kwan 2015 Boarding Captain Poppy Frances

Introducing our 2015 Boarding Captains, Emily Kwan and Poppy Frances


How did you come to board at St Catherine’s?

Emily: I started boarding at St Catherine’s when I was in Year 7 (I was a boarder in China since Year 5). Living in the Boarding House is a great opportunity for me to meet new people, so my parents decided to send me to board at St Catherine’s.

Poppy: I started boarding at St Catherine’s half-way through Year 10. I was living in Deniliquin, New South Wales, and I wanted a school that would provide opportunities for me – especially coming into VCE. I was determined to move away from Deniliquin, so I ordered the prospectus and researched everything about boarding and St Catherine’s without my parents knowing. I told them, “This is where I’m going”… and here I am!

What aspects of boarding life do you most enjoy?

Emily: The greatest aspects of boarding life are that I always get to chat with many different people; I love listening to each and every person’s stories about their weekends, their holidays and other experiences. Independence is what I’ve learned the most, as a boarder. Additionally, Mrs Collister is always supporting us, making Illawarra feel like home. If we have any problems – not just at School but also outside of School – Sue always helps us, no matter how big the problem is.

Poppy: The aspects of boarding life that I most enjoy are the relationships and bonds you create with the other girls in the Boarding House – no matter what year level. It’s great that you can make friends with girls you probably wouldn’t be as close with if you weren’t a boarder. Another aspect I appreciate is the routine, it’s such a good environment to be in whilst studying.

What are your duties as Boarding Captain?  

Emily: My duties as a Boarding Captain are to make everyone feel welcome and to make them feel at home, as many boarders are away from their parents and some are international students who have travelled miles away from home to study in Melbourne.

Poppy: As Boarding Captains, Emily and I have duties like welcoming all the new girls to the Boarding House, showing them around and introducing them to existing boarders. All the boarders are encouraged to come and talk to us if they are feeling a bit down, homesick or need help with homework. Another significant duty is organising the ‘Closed Weekend’, which helps all the girls learn about each other.

What kind of legacy would you like to leave as Boarding Captain at St Catherine’s?

Emily: Being the friendliest captain I can be; I want boarders to remember me as someone they could talk to.

Poppy: I hope that everyone remembers the year Emily and I were Boarding Captains, especially because we have lots of exciting ideas to look forward to through the year.