Issue 348 9 August 2019 W4T3

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Mastery is in the Practice

Anders Ericcson, a Swedish psychologist and Professor of Psychology at the Florida State University, has spent his life understanding the science of peak performance, among other things, and is well known for his theory on ‘The 10,000 Hour Rule’.


VCE Insights

VCE Insights

This edition of VCE Insights provides information to parents and carers of VCE students about upcoming academic and pastoral events.


Senior School

Languages Faculty Update

On 4 August, Year 8 students Jo-Jo Patterson and Catherine Karas recited their French poem, Pour les Enfants et pour les Raffinés, at the Finals of the Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette Competition.


Year 8 Update

In the first week of the new term, St Catherine's welcomed six students (five girls and one boy) and two teachers from the Olive Tree International Academy, Hangzhou, China.


Senior School Sport

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