Recognition and Milestones

It was a pleasure this week to welcome our class of 2017 back to St Catherine’s and acknowledge their academic achievements and announce subject prizes for 2017.

Congratulations to all Award recipients listed here.

During our Senior School Assembly this week our current School Captains, Annabelle Motteram and Stephanie Ferrali, interviewed members of the 2017 class to share their insights into achieving a successful and fulfilling VCE year.

Ingrid Crossing, who successfully achieved a perfect score for Theatre Studies, gaining entry into a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne, encouraged the younger students in the audience to achieve a balance between their co-curricular and academic pursuits. A talented academic student who engaged wholeheartedly in the musical and sporting life of the School, Ingrid shared with the audience her time management secrets across Year 12. Ingrid maximised time before School to rehearse her musical repertoire, grew to understand her own limitations of sleep and maintained a high level of organisation through a colour coded spreadsheet of activities to maximise her time for study.

Chloe Thompson, who successfully gained a place at Oxford University to study Literature, is inspired to further develop her writing skills. Chloe shared a love of English, Philosophy and Literature with her teachers during her time at St Catherine’s and hopes to capture this enjoyment through her tertiary studies abroad. During our Assembly, Chloe shared her insights into her role as Debating Captain in 2017 suggesting it was as much about “listening as it is about speaking”. Chloe is remembered for her eloquent speech at the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner and her enthusiasm to ignite a passion for Debating and Public Speaking amongst the students in our Senior School. As a student of St Catherine’s School since Prep, we are immensely proud of her selection into Oxford University.

Georgie Sitch shared with our Assembly audience her passion for French. During her VCE years, Georgie seized every opportunity to read widely, watch documentaries and to listen to podcasts, all in French. Through this extension work, Georgie added a layer of sophistication to her vocabulary and depth to her language use; she was able to successfully integrate this through both her written and oral work. Georgie was justly rewarded with a near perfect score in her French result. Georgie cautioned our current VCE students to avoid getting caught in a “SAC to SAC cycle” and encouraged the girls to “keep a focus forward” to the examinations in November. Georgie credits St Catherine’s with developing her “mindset and a readiness” to be engaged and involved in the community. Georgie will commence a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne this year.

Whilst our Assembly on Monday was dedicated to acknowledging the Class of 2017, during the evening we warmly welcomed the Year 7 cohort to our Senior School, also known as the Class 2023, at their Induction Service at Toorak Uniting Church.

Commencing Senior School is an important milestone, and in partnership with families, we look forward to developing in our Year 7 girls the capacity to engage with, and respond to, their world with wisdom, imagination and integrity. Beginning Senior School is also a time of much excitement, new experiences and learning opportunities. A time for defining strengths, discovering the ‘unique’ you and creating unparalleled pathways to adulthood. I concluded my address to the Year 7 students with the following words:

“Encouraged by our 2018 School Captains, Stephanie and Annabelle, I remind you to – ‘be fearless in your approach to School life, embrace each opportunity, and a willingness and enthusiasm to try new things’.

If I can leave some thoughts with you, it would be to support and take care of each other and most importantly of all, be kind to one another. Always treat others with respect and recognise that we are all different and that we need to understand and tolerate those differences.

Girls, in the scope of the rest of your life, your St Catherine’s years will be merely a couple of heart beats, but they are vital heart beats as they form part of the core of your being and will help define who you are now and in the future. You will always remain a St Catherine’s girl.

Congratulations girls and best wishes for the year ahead.”

Mrs Michelle Carroll