From the Director of Student Programs

“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.” Margaret Carty

The opportunity to participate in House activities provides our girls with a safe environment to participate and create connections with students from Years 7-12 . These opportunities exist in a range of Senior School House activities including Public Speaking, Debating, Swimming, Water Polo, Cross Country, Athletics, Rowing, Gymnastics, Snowsports, and Netball. The cross collaboration of Year levels fosters connections in a safe environment.  Just last week, Jackie Louder, Sports and Exercise Psychologist, worked with our Sports and Physical Education staff on Coaching Females – Creating Enriched Environments.  She suggests a number of strategies for increasing the participation of young women in physical activity:

  • Enriched environments – in three areas, academic, health, emotional and social
  • Enhancing intrinsic motivation for sport and physical activity
  • Appealing to young women’s needs for socialising through opportunities for informal physical activity
  • Overcoming gender stereotypes about what is acceptable behaviour for young women.

Our culture of inclusion and participation at St Catherine’s School in all aspects of the co-curricular program are synonymous with our School values of Integrity, Curiosity, Empathy and Perseverance.

Two weeks ago, the Senior School House Swimming Sports were held in the Marigold Southey Sports & Aquatic Centre for the first time. This event provided a boutique environment harnessing the spirit and enthusiasm of the girls involved. A range of events were held including 25m-100m events, relays, fun relays and the Blue Ribbon events. The cheering and excitement from each House was palpable.

Our House Arts event is now in its 13th year. The House Arts is the culmination of the leadership of our Year 11 girls in the creation of their production. Each House is provided with a Concept and City, as their stimulation for creating the script, media, music, drama, and dance which the Year 11 students have been preparing for during the year. Each section is judged by independent adjudicators, with the results combined for an overall result.  The Years 7-11 students are given 5 days to prepare intensively, in the lead up to the performance on Tuesday 5 December at 6.00pm.  This event is supported by the Arts Faculty, teaching and specialist staff and led by Mr James Brown, Head of Performing Arts.

“On a team, it’s not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of the unit and how they function together.” Bill Belichick

Mrs Gina Peele, Director of Student Programs