Barbreck Music Concert

We are all currently looking forward to the Annual Barbreck Music Concert to be held on 23 November in the Dorothy Pizzey Centre (Senior School Hall) at 6.00pm. All audience members and students are asked to arrive by 5.45pm in order to be seated for a prompt 6.00pm commencement. Summer uniform is compulsory for all students and they are all requested to take pride in their performance appearance with well-groomed hair, ribbons and polished shoes.

Wellbeing in Barbreck

St Catherine’s ELC to Year 12 Wellbeing Program is a well aligned and emphatic approach. Snippets from various year levels provide opportunity for ‘student voices’ to report on the program. Readers are invited to enjoy the following articles  highlighting various aspects of the program.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck
Wellbeing in Year 1

Wellbeing in the Year 1 classroom occurs each minute of the day. Young children can be readily distracted. At these times, the result may be a loss of energy or become less effective in class. Sometimes they can become concerned about an incident in the playground, the pressure to perform and not feeling up to it. The list is endless. It is understandable then, that a focus on student wellbeing, emotional intelligence (Swinburne Aristotle Program) and resilience is gaining momentum.

Smiling Minds app has become a great ‘wellbeing’ tool in our classroom. The girls are now able to recognise when they believe there is a need to simply rest. Self-knowledge has definitely been a benefit of this practice in our classroom.

Please read some of the Year 1 comments below:

  • “It makes me feel like I am relaxed and calm.” – Anabelle Ranchod
  • “I like Smiling Minds because sometimes when there is something that is wrong it shifts my focus away and it helps me start a new day feeling better.” – Annika Gill
  • “I like Smiling Minds because if something happens in the playground and I do mindfulness, it just takes my mind off what happened and I feel better after it.” Alie Belan
  • “It makes me feel like I do not need to worry about anything. Also when someone is unkind in the playground and then we do Smiling Mind it makes you feel like that is over and you do not have to worry about it.” – Berry Roberts
  • “Mindfulness makes my mind all calm and happy.  It refreshes my mind and makes it an open door for me to learn more.” – Holly Farrer
  • “Smiling Minds makes me focused when I am excited about something.” – Amelie Favaloro
  • “Mindfulness makes me feel calm and refreshed and when I get up, I feel like I want to learn lots of new things.” – Tara Pattison
  • “I feel my brain is ready to work again.” – India Vasilopoulos
Mrs Lola Ballis, Year 1 Class Teacher
Wellbeing Year 3

Since returning from Camp Sunnystones, the Year 3 girls provided many opportunities to reflect and discuss all of the personal learning that took place whilst we were away. During our Wellbeing sessions, students worked in small groups to create a mural highlighting the many ways they demonstrated the School values; Empathy, Integrity, Perseverance and Curiosity, throughout their camp experience. 

My focus was Empathy and when we demonstrated empathy on camp. When I was on camp in the bush, I ran out of water and someone poured some of their water into my bottle. It was really kind and caring. Also, when I was on the low ropes course on the X-Factor, I did not think I could do it. My friends really encouraged me and helped me to get to the end. I was very happy about that!

Kristin Dodd

There were lots of times we persevered on camp. The first time was walking into camp. We got dropped in the Long Forest and walked for two hours. It was fun, but it was a long way. Even though archery was quite difficult, we kept on trying and encouraged each other to have-a-go!

Chloe Thomas

Rose and I were thinking about the ways we showed integrity while we were on camp. We were driven to make many decisions and choices while we were away. We made good choices, like following the rules and choosing to help others if they hurt themselves.

Elodie Scott-Elliott

My partner Mia and I focussed on curiosity. We were curious about the foods we might be eating, the activities we would be doing and the friends we would have in our cabin. The thing we were most curious about was the Conversation Pit at Sunnystones. Now we know exactly what it is!

Lulu Kyriakou

Wellbeing in Year 4

As part of wellbeing this year, we have the chance to communicate with the 4 year-old Kindergarten students, it is a wonderful experience and they are always smiling. It brightens your day when you see them and no matter who you are paired with, you are always happy. My friend is Arabella! I share her with my friend Lucy. She may be the shyest one of the group but, she will warm up to you and seeing her is just life mindfulness, but better! The experience calms me down and we fill each other’s bucket each time. I do not know anybody who would not enjoy this experience!

Arabella Richardson 4SB

Blue Sky Me and Storm Cloud Me are voices in your head that talk to you every day.

Storm Cloud Me will almost never be positive and can say some very mean things and stop people from doing things that they would have done.

Blue Sky Me is always positive unlike Storm Cloud Me and does not stop people from experiences pretty much anything.

Chloe Barber 4S

In Year 4, we are focusing on three main things that are very important to everyday life!

Our first thing is bucket filling. Bucket filling is where everyone has an imaginary bucket on their head. Each time someone says something kind to you they always put a drip in your bucket, that is a fabulous feeling. When someone takes a drip out of your bucket it is when someone is being an inconsiderate friend.

Our second thing is Blue Sky Me! She is a positive girl that Year 4 students try to look up to when they are having a bad day, for example if I am having trouble with some of my work, I try to look for the positives to change my feelings!

Our last thing is positive talk which is linked to Blue Sky Me. In Year 4 everybody tries to talk to themselves kindly. This helps establish a positive mindset.

I have enjoyed learning about wellbeing and I feel I have got a lot out of it.

Louella Simpson 4SB

Blue Sky Me helps you when you need a kind heart, Storm Cloud me helps you when you are in danger but sometimes she can be a little bit mean.

Blue Sky Me Is happy and Storm Cloud Me is sometimes happy and sometimes sad.

Kenzie Forsyth 4S

Storm Cloud Me is a negative emotion everyone has, she can make you give up or think you cannot do it, but you can if you give it a try.

For example, if you were in a spelling test and you did not know how to spell anything. Storm Cloud Me can make you feel like this.

She is a negative emotion that you should ignore. She can stop you from making good actions or choices.

Blue Sky Me is the opposite of Storm Cloud Me. She can make you happy and ensure you never give up.

For example, if you see a lonely girl in the playground, you could introduce yourself and make a friend. Blue Sky Me can help you make good choices.

She can make you give things a try, and you should never ignore her when helping you to make a good choice.

Saskia Coleman 4S

My favourite part of Year 4 is having a 4 year-old friend. Every couple of weeks we go over and either have a play outside, inside or we make a story out of their favourite things. When we go over to the ELC, and see our friends it calms everyone down. But sometimes we are still every excited! My friend, Kitty, is so cute and kind, and she never wants Anna and I to leave! It makes my heart melt! Everyone is so sad when they have to leave their Four Leaf Clover friends. I love my Four Leaf Clover Friend and she improves my wellbeing every time I see her. I cannot wait to see her in Prep next year!

Mietta Jenkins 4SB
Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Junior School