In order to effect a prompt start to learning in Barbreck, we remind families that school commences at 8.30am. Students settle and are immersed in a focus based start from 8.30am (after arrival into classrooms commencing from 8.10am, when their personal belongings are organised and School work sorted in preparation for an effective day of learning). For those students who arrive between 8.30am-8.40am (due to sibling drop off or a sibling in the ELC), they are instructed to enter classrooms very quietly and quickly and not interrupt others. Attendance rolls are marked promptly. Latecomers must report to the Barbreck Office in order to avoid being marked absent.

Punctuality is a required skill for life. Sound habits and expectations are best learnt very early. We thank parents for joining us in this pursuit.

Year 3 students enjoyed Camp Sunnystones

When the bus returned to St Catherine’s after a three day camp the enjoyment, the camaraderie and the rich learning offered were all extremely well endorsed. Smiles, hugs, laughter and many stories to tell were all part of the happy return. Many lifelong memories made, skills acquired and learning very apparent.

Sincere thanks to all staff involved. Ms Wootton, Mr Tainsh and Mrs Guest were the St Catherine’s staff members who accompanied the students and as always, the care, attention to detail and meticulous and prompt responses to each need were highly evident and appreciated.

I thank Ms Catherine Samuel, Deputy Head of the Junior School for visiting the camp for a half day. Accompanying her was Mrs Gina Peele, Director of Student Programs. Their reports upon return about the students, the venue, the program, the food and accommodation were really positive. We are always seeking to evaluate such special events to plan accordingly for the next year. Their feedback and analysis was extremely helpful towards doing just that.

The Barbreck Book Bingo Reading Challenge for 2017

Once again the annual Barbreck Reading Challenge was launched with great enthusiasm. Preps to Year 6 students were engaged in a Term 3 challenge to read as widely as possible and enjoy books they otherwise may not select from our shelves. The reading was recorded on a large bingo sheet which contained criteria for the book to meet. This meant that students were encouraged to read across a range of genres including animals, relationships / friendship, history, mystery, fantasy, diaries, humour, classics and more. We are often creatures of habits who choose authors or styles of writing we are comfortable with. The objective of this reading task was to encourage children to explore more than the standard horse story or fantasy / adventure novel and read different writing styles and topics. Some children have happily found new avenues of reading pleasure or different authors who have become recent favourites. If students completed the first sheet of 12 novels, then they were posed a second challenge – to read across a range of specific authors. This differentiation allowed the more experienced (or faster!) readers a novel challenge of reading books and authors they had not previously considered, even though they were proficient users of the library and considered themselves well-read. Fantastic discussions and peer recommendations meant that books were flying off the shelves as students decided whether a new author was worthy of being recommended to others or indeed, which selection from that author’s repertoire should be chosen!

As this was a House activity, all students were encouraged and given time to record their reading from Prep to Year 6. Organisation was key, and those who recorded their reading throughout the challenge period found it much easier as the deadline loomed. Reading from classrooms, home and library lessons was all counted. A House can only win based on the achievements of all members and it was with great delight that the winners were announced at a recent Assembly. There were also some outstanding individual achievements from girls who read widely, completed all of the criteria and read a significant number of books for their age and stage. Congratulations and applause for…

  • Year 6 Ellen Vote
  • Year 5 Rhea Werner
  • Year 4 Natalie Wang and Chloé Favaloro
  • Year 3 Emma Peele
  • Year 2 Chloe Handbury, Lexie Giagnorio and Anna Shears (a three-way tie)
  • Year 1 Annika Gill
  • Prep Carys Dreaver
House placings
  1. Langley Templeton
  2. Davis
  3. Beaulieu Blair
  4. Holmes Kilbride
Mrs Victoria Baldacchino, Barbreck Librarian
Maths Challenge

During Assembly on Tuesday 24 October a group of students were presented with their certificates for participation in the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians and the 2017 Mathematical Olympiad. These competitions provide the students with an opportunity to test their mathematical ability by completing questions which involved basic numeracy skills through to advanced problem solving.

Special congratulations to the following students:

Certificate of Distinction
  • Year 6 Freya Cantwell
  • Year 6 Ava Colosimo
  • Year 6 Emma Gregory
  • Year 6 Julia Kent
Certificate of Credit
  • Year 6 Flora Du
  • Year 6 Livia Gowrie
  • Year 6 Anise Imam
  • Year 6 Mannuo (Maggie) Zhu
Certificate of Proficiency
  • Year 5 Rhea Werner
Maths Olympiad
  • Year 6 Caitlin Wang
  • Year 6 Eloise Burdett
  • Year 5 Rhea Werner
  • Year 6 Julia Kent
  • Year 6 Freya Cantwell
  • Year 6 Mannuo (Maggie) Zhu received a cloth badge
  • Year 6 Livia Gowrie received a cloth badge
  • Year 3 Isabelle Cao received a pin
  • Year 6 Emma Gregory received a trophy and a pin. (Best score St Catherine’s)
World Book Online

The Junior School has recently subscribed to World Book on-line. This is a wonderful resource appropriate for use from Prep through to Year 6. It provides access to reliable, safe and up-to-date information and research tools, as well as educational games, quizzes and interactive activities.

To access World Book On-line from home simply go to your child’s Class Page on mystcatherines.net.au and click on the World Book Online icon as shown below. It will automatically take you into the site.

Ms Catherine Samuel , Deputy Head of Junior School
Farewell at the end of 2017

As this year draws to a close, we will farewell two staff members who have resigned in order to take up a new chapter in their journey.

Mrs Sandra Allen

At the conclusion of 2018, Mrs Allen, in her 40th year of teaching at St Catherine’s School, will retire and enjoy a well-earned future in which to pursue her various interests.

Forty years marks a time in which Mrs Allen has met many changes with ease, worked with various Heads of Junior School and welcomed each one with respect, influenced a powerful number of students and steadily committed herself to pursue achievement and completion in all that has been required of her.

Needlesss to say, Mrs Allen is a wealth of information – so helpful to incoming Heads of Junior School especially! Her knowledge of Barbreck, past days, connection with students and families and her deep respect for past, present and future are certainly features of Mrs Allen.

Indeed it will be difficult to leave after 40 years no doubt, but we know also that she will relax into and enjoy her areas of passion – emphatically her love of literature, reading, daily newspapers cover to cover, theatre, ballet performances, running and possibly above all to wonder “what will I do today?”

We wish Mrs Allen well and certainly will always remember the numerous interviews for incoming Junior School students whom of which have had family members attend St Catherine’s in the past asking…“Is Mrs Allen still here? Can I catch up with her please?!”

Thank you Mrs Allen.

Ms Lisa Barker

As 2017 draws to a close, Mrs Barker has decided to leave St Catherine’s School and pursue further avenues after recently completing a degree in Positive Psychology.

In a part-time teaching position, Ms Barker has completed 10 years of extremely well respected and highly professional work in Barbreck.

The ‘SB’ team, involving classes shared by Ms Schilte and Ms Barker have been a component in the Junior School for some years now. A wonderful combination of professional talents and knowledge combined dedication and a rich working relationship.

Upon resignation, Ms Barker describes herself as having experienced “10 wonderful years immersed in education and professionally purposefully, happy School.”

Sincere thanks to Ms Barker for her many and varied contributions and skills and interests generously shared, as well as a huge investment of time and energy. In addition to classroom teaching, Ms Barker will always be remembered for her passion and leadership of the Environment Committee for many years and also her wonderful contributions to the School’s Wellbeing Program.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Junior School