At this time of the year, the Year 12 Common Room is full of mixed emotions. The last few weeks of Term 3 presented the girls with the last of their Internal School Assessments. At the same time, the whiteboard contains a count down announcing the number of School days that they have left. Many conversations have become quite nostalgic as the girls comment on their ‘last’ occasions, such as their last House meeting, last gate duty and of course, much excitement when it was their final English SAC.

Despite increased focus on their studies, our Year 12 girls have continued to provide opportunities for the girls in the Senior School to share time together.

Last term, on a Friday after school, the Year 12 girls hosted a movie night in the Upper Library of the Senior School. Mostly dressed in pyjamas, girls from Years 7-12 came together on the bean bags with popcorn and choc tops to watch The Parent Trap. They were star struck to discover that three of our Year 7s looked identical to the main characters in the film. It was a night of laughter and togetherness enjoyed by all.

‘Beyond the Mic’ is a weekly open mic event, run by the Year 12 Student Executive, which encourages girls to go beyond their comfort zone and perform in front of an audience on a Tuesday lunchtime in the Cafe. The Executive set up the equipment in a corner of the Cafe and basically hand it over to the girls – they are welcome to sing, dance, act, speak, play an instrument, recite a poem, do stand up comedy, anything! So far, we have been treated to a duet by Bridget Lieberman and Sophie Seng Hpa, and solo performances by Ilah Watson, Phoebe Edwards, Tess Horton and Amber Chapman.

The end of the School year is an important time for St Catherine’s to acknowledge our Year 12 Valedictorians. As a celebration of their time at the School and recognition of their contributions, there are a variety of activities that are run in their final weeks. Activities such as their Final Assembly, the Leavers’ Service at Toorak Uniting Church, the Valedictory Dinner and Speech Night.

As our Year 12s departed through the School gates at the end of the Term 3, it was not to leave on some exciting holiday, rather it signalled the start of their extensive holiday study program.

Over the holidays, the dedication of our students was evident as they availed themselves of the opportunity to gain extra support from their teachers and study in the Nicholas Library.

The final weeks of school are very exciting and we look forward to joining the Year 12 students in celebrating the end of their School days.

Good luck girls, we are incredibly proud of your commitment and efforts.

Mrs Jeanette Gunn, Year 12 Dean