Welcome to Term 4

We warmly welcome all St Catherine’s students and families back after the two week vacation. It was really wonderful to meet up with all the girls upon their return and assist us to heartily welcome the new students who have joined us this term.

To the students who have now returned from the snow, welcome back and I hope you enjoy Term 4 academic and co-curricular pursuits as usual.

Congratulations to all students involved in the highly successful school snowsports competitions.                                                                  

2018 and plans going forward

With respect, families are asked to be cautious about conversations regarding School class placements and teachers in 2018.

Term 4 is a busy one and we earnestly want the girls to be focused on learning and to complete tasks and activities and to enjoy the ‘now’. We still have much of 2017 to go and certainly have plenty to do!

Conversations about teachers and classes can provide a distraction and a sense of anxiety. Staff year level allocations are not confirmed until near the end of the year. No changes are made once announced, unless a genuine error has occurred and can be readily explained and rectified.

With regard to class placements of students, please note that Barbreck staff undertake this task. Placements are made according to many factors, including an academic balance, consideration for learning behaviours and self-management skills. Students will always want to be with one or more particular peers however there occasions when some friendships do not necessarily work well when mixed with classroom learning. Parents are asked to leave decisions of these kinds to the class teachers. Class teachers observe the students on a daily basis, as do the specialist staff in their sessions.

Staffing in classes is also finalised much later in the year.

Co-curricular activities and requirements

Enrolment and acceptance into a co-curricular program, including Homework Happenings and Write on Wednesdays, requires students to attend the session each time unless absent from school on the day. Should there be an occasion when your daughter cannot attend a session and they are not absent from School on the day, it is very important that the staff in charge are advised by parents.

Attendance rolls are marked each session and staff often have spent time looking for a specific student and throughout phone calls, discover that they are not attending the session for a specific family reason/appointment.

Click here to view the Term 4 Co-curricular schedule.

Important organisational reminders and details:

Absence from School

Absentee Line: 98283021

When a student is going to be absent on a School day, parents are asked to call the Absentee Line 9828 3021 and leave a recorded message. Please do not leave the message elsewhere in the School or on another phone line. Absences are recorded in official school attendance records by 9.00am.

Barbreck email address

Please note that barbreck@stcatherines.net.au will now be available for parents to email absentees and to relay any student information or messages. This email will be accessed by the Junior School office.

Medication to be consumed at School?

Please note that if students are to be administered medicine of any kind at school during the day, an email/note to barbeck@stcatherines.net.au needs to be sent or a hard copy to the Junior School Office. This needs to have authorisation and clear instructions.

Lunch orders

Please order on line www.flexischools.com.au

If you have missed the timeframe to do so, please call direct 1300 361 769.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck