Year 9 English Curriculum and links to the Heyington to Highlands Trip

“When I left for Fiji, I knew that when I got back, people would undoubtedly ask me ‘How was Fiji?’ There are no words; Fiji will be a part of me forever.” 

(Anonymous, Year 9)

The Year 9 English course has developed curriculum that links to the Heyington to Highlands Trip for students. The skills and curriculum that has been developed is aligned to the Australian Curriculum in the areas of the General Capabilities and the specific Learning Area Descriptors for English.

Reflective personal writing was developed in English classes prior to the trip, during the trip and when the students returned. This writing will be shared and published. The English teachers encouraged the students to write poetry and letters as well as reflective narratives.

Last week, Year 9 students Romy Cantwell, Isabel Simons, Francesa King and Indiana Wilde read their reflective writing and poems at the Heyington to Highlands Parent Evening. It was wonderful to see the students share their reflections on this trip and the impact it had on them. Please find below an evocative poem written by Isabel Simons, which truly captures the experience of Fiji and the emotional impact on the students.

Vinaka Vakalevu

Beaches with sand white as snow,

Sunsets filled with colours that glow,

A place of freedom and unknown,

Emotions that reach deep to your bone,


On the windy road, up the steep hills,

With endless singing and new cheap thrills,

The adventure begins at your feet,

In the back of an old, cheap truck seat,


Arriving with an open mind,

Will strongly help yourself to find,

The person who you truly are,

And the others that come from way afar,


The land full of happiness and laughter,

It will forever be unforgettable after,

Fijians hold their arms open wide,

Embracing you for the breathtaking ride,


Up in the mountains staying elsewhere,

Or in the midst of the town having to share,

Eating foods of great amount,

So many carbs you begin to lose count,


Daily adventures up in the highlands,

Fijian children holding our hands,

Guiding us along the way,

How sweet and loving, kind were they,


Such a sharing, simple pure town,

Never could they make us frown,

Teaching us their culture and lifestyle,

They will make you wanna stay a while,


Smiley students greet you at school,

You’ll be a great help and learning tool,

Playing hand games and dancing too,

They will exhaust every part of you,


So greatful and happy to have us stay,

You’ll never hear them fail to say,

Bula everytime you pass,

Sitting in the fields on grass,


Be thankful, be friendly, be full of fun

Have a laugh, have a sit down, have a village games run

The time you’ll want to leave is never,

You’ll beg to stay for ever and ever.

Isabel Simons (Year 9)


Mrs Ceri Lloyd, Head of English & EAL