Four Reasons Adults Should Start Swimming


Swimming is definitely a way to find a group of like minded, disciplined people, all working towards personal goals. There are few better ways to stay motivated than by training alongside other athletes who push and challenge you.

Swimming can be a huge positive influence on lifestyle – offering a sustainable, healthy sport and connecting with great people. If you have a love of the ocean, swimming is one way to enjoy it. It is also a sport you can do your whole life and continue to meet people. By joining a swimming group, adults can find connection in an otherwise busy and disconnected life.

The adult swimming squad, like the St Catherine’s Aquatic Club, is a great micro community within the broader school community; being part of it makes you feel more connected with the school.” – Rowan Gregory (Year 6 Parent)


For many people, swimming is a time to take a break from the chaos of the world and channel energy into physical power. Whether in the ocean or pool, finding a place of solace is important to maintaining balance in personal and work life.

Part of what makes swimming so meditative is that sensory information – like sounds – are distorted through the water. All it takes to experience this unique space is for yourself to join your local swim team or group! 

“An hour without any e-distractions is great. You do tend to drift off sometimes and think about different aspects of your life whilst doing the longer sets, until you suddenly realise you’ve forgotten how many laps you’ve done!” – Rowan Gregory (Year 6 Parent)

“I find swimming to be a great release after a full day’s teaching. I try to calm and focus my mind and focus on the strokes, and it generally works! There is no workout quite like a swim. It’s exhausting and very satisfying. Sometimes I find it very difficult and at other times it is just effortless. Those are the best days! Definitely feel a difference in my cardiovascular when I swim regularly. It’s one of the best sports for this in my opinion.” – Andrew Gold (Junior School French teacher)


Swimmers can find success in the sport at any age, partly due to the fact that it wears less on joints compared to sports like running. In fact, there are swimmers over 100 years old who compete at Australian Masters Swimming Nationals. Open water swimming through the summer period, either for leisure or in competition, can become a lifetime habit.

“Nearly a year of squad swimming has given me confidence in the water.  I hadn’t swum at speed since my swimming days at school and having a program and the supervision makes all the difference to improving my strength and fitness.  At 53 I’m feeling better than I have for years and it is a great complement to other sports.” – Sarah Low (Years 6 & 9 Parent)

“If I reach 100, maybe I could do a ‘Steven Bradbury’ and win an open water swimming event in my age group!” – Rowan Gregory (Year 6 Parent)

“I have never pulled a hamstring in a swimming race” – Tom Crebbin (Junior School Head of Sport)


Sport is generally a huge confidence builder for people of all ages, and starting to swim as an adult can help build your confidence. Setting goals and training to accomplish them in the pool can also translate to other parts of life.

“Swimming is not always to the swift but to those who keep on swimming” – Tom Crebbin (Junior School Head of Sport)

“Reaching your potential in swimming requires, and builds, qualities such as commitment, perseverance and self-discipline, all of which help in other areas of your life.  I admire swimmers who achieve at a high level in this very difficult and very competitive sport, and I think those that do well at swimming often also do well in the other areas of their lives.” – Rowan Gregory (Year 6 Parent)

With the start of Term 4 and the summer months approaching, now is the time to find those bathers!

Registration for Term 4 Adult Swim Squad are now open on mystcatherines.