Another term ends

As Term 3 comes to an end, the Campbell House staff and I wish all families a happy and restful break. Regardless of what families plan to do throughout the holidays, either travelling or staying at home, the change of pace and routine can be very refreshing. Recharging before a very busy Term 4 at School and preparations for the new year, is essential.

We look forward to welcoming our young learners back  in Term 4 for a highly engaging and productive term. As always, the dedicated Campbell House staff are eager to introduce further steps in learning as students progress towards a new year in 2018.

Families are reminded that the first day of Term 4 is Monday 9 October.

Term 4 and Uniform

In Term 4, learners in Campbell House will be required to wear summer School uniform. As we do empathise that Spring weather can be difficult to predict, at the parent’s discretion, we understand that children may need to wear winter uniform in the first week or two (weather dependent).

The mornings tend to remain chilly, therefore, we recommend that children still wear or at least bring a winter uniform top.

Summer Uniform
  • St Catherine’s Sports top
  • St Catherine’s shorts, sneakers and sports socks.


Classes and placement 2018

A wide range of factors are carefully considered and taken into account by Campbell House staff when facilitating the placement of students in new classes.

In doing so, it is essential that classes are well balanced and students’ interests, strengths, social and emotional development, self-management skills, capacity to focus and interactions with others, which are all quite naturally at varying stages of maturity, are all taken into consideration as part of this process.

To facilitate a smooth transition, it is essential that children transition with confidence and a sense of excitement. Parents can help build your child’s confidence by speaking positively in regards to next year’s classes at home and in conversations with your child.

At this stage, staffing is not set for 2018. Parents will be advised of class placement, staffing and arrangements for the Orientation afternoon when all details are set in place.

Important dates:

  • 4 Year Old ELC 2018 Information Evening: Thursday 16 October
  • 3 Year Old ELC Orientation: Wednesday 15 November, 1.30pm or 2.30pm session (parents to be advised aloccated session time)
  • 4 YO ELC Orientation: Thursday 16 November, 2.00pm-3.00pm
Family Event – ‘Love, Family, People, Togetherness’

Congratulations to all Campbell House staff and students on a wonderful evening filled with learning and enjoyment.

Meticulous planning, robust professional conversations and a very evident desire to ensure student engagement as well as the ability to provide the students with a ‘voice’ in the design were all integral to the success of this event. Demonstrating sophistication and leaving no detail uncovered, the evening was a great success that involved various technology, design and activities that appealed to all ages.

All staff involved, demonstrated considerable care and gave substantial time and a strong personal investment of the highest level to ensure the success of this evening,

Again, congratulations and thanks to all Campbell House staff and students for your dedication and efforts on this wonderful effort.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck
Inquiry Project Celebration: Who’s Who in a Hive?

Reflection and Celebration

Through their collaborative Bee Hive Project, the Wattle Room children continued to connect experientially to the concept of ‘community’ over the course of Term 3. Similar to a colony of swarming honey bees, the children delighted in making continued unique, individualised contributions to the inquiry process.

Term 3 began with the influential question: “Who’s who in a hive?” The children soon discovered that a hive has a queen bee, thousands of female worker bees and many male drone bees. The children deliberated and problem solved, celebrating the premise of ‘togetherness’ through play and action. They created bees through the language of plasticine and construction using natural materials.

The children designed a ‘home’ for their hive; a tree frame with a stable base to support their precious efforts. To finish, the children embellished the piece with foliage, celebrating how we can help bees by ‘giving them places to live’ and ‘planting more flowers for their food’. The children intend to do so in nature, using their ‘community’ garden bed in the outdoor learning environment.

On Wednesday 6 September, the children warmly invited their families to join the class for the Morning Meeting to share in the ‘unveiling’ and celebration of their inquiry project, which has spanned several months of play and curiosity. The children had the opportunity to articulate their vast and profound learning through family-centred practice and parental feedback. They then shared ‘Honey Joys’ that they had made together and recited a special ‘Honey Bee’ poem to mark the occasion.

I’m a little honey bee

Yellow and black

See me gather

Pollen on my back

What the queen bee tells me

I must do

So I can make sweet honey for you!

Miss Kristina Schrader, Wattle Room Teacher
Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck