The Barbreck Bike Program

On Wednesday 18 October, Year 6 classes will commence the ‘Barbreck Bike Program’.

The program aims to:

  1. Enhance knowledge and understanding of the road traffic environment and the law.
  2. Assist the development of skills to manage the road traffic environment and bike path skills as a cyclist.
  3. Assist the development of responsible behaviour, attitudes and decision-making skills for the safe use of bicycles both on bike paths.

In order to participate in the program, all students are required to bring their bike to school on the morning of Wednesday 18 October. The program will run from 1.30pm—3.20pm. All bikes must go home on the same day. There are no storage facilities available to leave bikes at school on these Wednesdays (see below for the all program dates).

In order to facilitate the program, we require that the students have the following:

  1. An Australian Standards approved helmet in sound condition (no cracks, and adjusted properly).
  2. A bicycle in sound working order including; brakes properly adjusted, tyres in good condition and pumped up, seat properly adjusted and wheels in good condition. A visit to the local bike shop may be in order if your bike has been ‘dormant’ for some time.
  3. St Catherine’s Sports Uniform is perfectly suitable for our program but care must be taken with long shoe laces so that they don’t become tangled in pedals or wheels.

The dates for the ‘Barbreck Bike Program’ program are as follows:

  • Wednesday 18 October, 1.30pm–3.20pm
  • Wednesday 25 October, 1.30pm–3.20pm
  • Wednesday 1 November, 1.30pm–3.20pm

*** Wednesday 1 November 2016 (1.30pm – 3.20pm) *** It is hoped (weather permitting) that our final day will be an excursion (by foot) to Kevin Bartlett Reserve for the ‘Tour De Toorak’. Consent will be sent via Caremonkey.

We are looking forward to the program as it should be an invaluable experience for our Year 6 students as they progress towards the end of their time in Barbreck.

Returning hired Snowsports equipment

Snowsports families are reminded to return the Cross Country skids they hired for the season once they have finished skiing for the season.

Skis can be returned to the Sports Office (Swimming Pool) or the Barbreck office.

Gymnastics Term 4 Enrolment Open

Term 4 Gymnastics Online enrolment is now open. Enrolment is open for both current and new students.

Click here for the enrolment link. Any queries should be emailed to Cherie Johnstone 

Years 5 and 6 Mouthguards Reminder

Students in Years 5 and 6 are reminded that they are required to have mouthguards for the first week back at School in readiness for House Hockey.

Mouthguards can be arranged over the holiday break or purchased from the Sports Office (Swimming Pool) for $7.00.

It would be disappointing to let your House down on that very first day of Term 4. No mouthguard, no Hockey.



Mr Tom Crebbin, Junior School Co-coordinator of Co-curricular Sport